Blue Tooth Lock Box - Best Place to keep your keys

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Blue Tooth Lock Box

Best Place to keep your keys



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Hunter's comment

Hi Hunters!
I don't about you guys but in my life of 25 years I have lost keys many times and after losing keys it to difficult for us to open the look, The only ways we have is the duplicate key and other is to break the lock. Today i'm here to tell you about an amazing an secure gadget where you can keep your home keys. Master lock Bluetooth Lock box Is a gadget where you can keep your home keys and your door cards, This master lock is Designed to be installed anywhere near your doorway, It opens with code or Bluetooth connected with your phone.

The Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box can be opened either via a passcode you enter on the integrated keypad or through Bluetooth confirmation, in which it receives an affirmative signal from the accompanying app. It doesn't have NFC, so you can't simply wave your phone, though – instead, you'll have to launch the app and tap a control to disengage the lock.



Hunter: @hairy

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Awesoem Hunt, a portable bluetooth lock box, can be managed with smartphone and you can provide permanent or temporary access to anyone you Want. Nice Hunt..

Woow,a product that gives us the freedom of not carrying a key everywhere


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