SilverFit Rephagia - Swallow therapy for people with Dysphagia

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SilverFit Rephagia

Swallow therapy for people with Dysphagia



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Hello Hunters,
As people get older, they become infected with various diseases. Most of these are seen in Dysphagia. This is actually a different problem, which makes the food melting complex. Many times doctors try to solve the problem through various types of therapies.

However, I am sharing a smart device with you today, which is able to work wonders in solving the problem of Dysphagia by giving pleasure.

The Rephagia system supports the speech and language therapist. It helps the therapist provide the patient with a series of exercises known to improve swallowing function. During the exercises, both the therapist and the patient get valuable insights into the patient’s performance......

Check Details in the Video-


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another nice assistive tech for PwD.


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