Kiddo Code - without coding experience learn to build programming concept

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Kiddo Code

without coding experience learn to build programming concept



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Hello Friends,
In the technology era every one are trying teach her child about technology with coding skills. But all are not able to learn by going the class. Different kind of app are available for learning coding.

But today I am presenting a smart app of Kiddo Code. Students can use this app in the smart phone and desktop. Also without coding concept they can learn programs. Let's check it......

Kiddo Code is the very first platform in the world that integrates Google's visual programming language library Blockly with iPad, Android tablet and PC. Through the colorful and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Even primary and secondary students without coding experience can quickly grasp programming concepts and learn to build programs to control different types of smart robots!


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Cool Hunt!

Hello, I really appreciate your effort and Here is my opinion about this hunt-

As the technology is changing rapidly and as per the time the requirement of good Problem solver in the IT field is increasing day by day and this demand never gonna be stop. This platform will be helpful for Parents to train for the future and Problem solving ability everyone should have.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

This is a great app to get more kids to learn how to code in a fun and interactive way. I love that it uses a colorful and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, so it's easy to use, even for small kids. If I'm not mistaken, the learning kits are also free, so users can move on towards new programming modules as they go along. Great find!

i guess and i believe people who code or in other words we can say developers are indeed genius people coding is not for everyone it is good if now there are such kind of applications and people want their kids to learn and adapt but only those kids can learn who actually have an interest. but i sure admit kids should learn such skills well without coding if you can learn to programme then i wonder how :P

WoW it looks great visual programming tool designed for kids / primary and secondary school students with this tool kids can write the program simply by using drag-and-drop to control robots or drones of various types pretty amazing & neat. Nice Hunt

Great platform to make great future programmers and developers. User friendly and colorful interface helps to develop kids interest. Kids find coding a fun after using this. Great hunt

Awesome hunt.
Coding is all about concepts and you can't expect to learn it if you don't like it. This makes coding fun, thereby making it easy to learn.

This is a great introductory program for kids and anyone new to coding. I like how the UI looks and it can actually be fun to learn coding with an app like this. this is a very good hunt @hafizullah, good work!!


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Hi dear , Its very good stuff & steem hunt. I like the idea behind this app is great, I have never know it yet, but the concept is cool. Its really wonderful and keep it nice sharing always. You did awesome work.

Hi @nayyabsipra please don't put your similar comments in every hunt... It's forbidden in steemhunt. Make your valuable comments here or everyone will report you as abuser.


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