Turnip - A simple timer app for freelancers

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A simple timer app for freelancers



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Turnip is a simple timer app for freelancers. Time equals to money for everyone. This is the first timer app specially designed for freelancers I have ever seen. It is for your system tray (for Pc) or your menu bar (for Mac). Turnip has a standalone version, can also be integrated to other tools and apps.




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If you bill your time by the hour, a timer app like this is crucial to ensure that you invoice all the hours you work. Even if you don't bill by the hour, it is useful to see how long projects take, so that you can increase your fee.

Nice Hunting
Turnip is a great app for the freelancers which will help them to mange their time.

I have seen many timer apps for freelancers. I guess this is useful and better than those. It will help out all the freelancers to track time.


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