Gotcha Racing 2nd - Customize your machine and drive the tracks!

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Gotcha Racing 2nd

Customize your machine and drive the tracks!



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Hunter's comment

When the game is started for the first time, you will get to know Gotcha Racing 2nd. You can immediately start driving in a sneaky driving.

After that you can get acquainted with the game and purchase other cars, participate in events or take part in the 'clash'.

Here you will find dozens of levels where you can complete a series of races per model as well as per segment. Also the types of races are alternated.

On one occasion you have to overtake all opponents to reach the finish line, the other time you have to set the best time.



Hunter: @graciousrecipe

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  • great game and amazing

  • can adjust the machine

  • many of the challenges we face


  • none

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Congratulations on your approval @graciousrecipe, this is yet another great hunt that you made for today. I really love to express my opinion in terms of games because games is one of my favorite category.


  • You can build your own style on making your machine
  • There are lots of modes that you can try to play in this game
  • Your objective is to be the top in this racing game


  • None so far for this hunt

Congrats on your approved hunt @graciousrecipe. Keep the hunt rolling and do better next time. :)


  • really cool game
  • fun while playing
  • can customize the car engine with what we want
  • none

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