pivotshopping - A cheap new way to promote products and services

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A cheap new way to promote products and services



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Business owners and entrepreneur are now taking their stores online. This is to get more customers and be free from the restriction of specific location.

If you don't have an e-commerce site yet or you do and would still want to increase your sale, then you need to try Pivotshopping.

Pivotshopping is a listing e-commerce. The site simply lend you some space to showcase your product and sell to the world. All you need to do is pay a small fee to have your products listed on their site.

Simply click the image or it's title and you will be taken to the brand's or business's own website, where you can then buy their product. Source

So you can make you site even more popular by simply borrowing a space from Pivotshopping website. Just click on the 'Buy Listing' and start. The Small package goes for $19.

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•A good way of advertising one's products
•It's economical
•A good means of yielding more income

Great Hunt!

Great Hunt!!!

Another e-commerce platform useful for business owners to promote their business. An online marketing tool.

Good one hunter!!!

It is a great service to promote your company and products. E-commerce becomes more popular day by day. Great hunt.

So many people into various kind of businesses will definitely like this no doubt. Because we all want our products to be known.

E-commerce, e-marketing, will be really very common and important in the future. Early investors will earn more. Thanks for sharing pivotshopping. Great hunt.

Looks great platform to me @gracelyn-joseph. Nice hunt my friend.

Wish you good luck :)


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