NVIDIA Isaac SDK - Accelerate Your Creation of Autonomous Machines

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Accelerate Your Creation of Autonomous Machines



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The SDK is a collection of libraries, drivers, APIs, and other tools that will save you hundreds of hours by making it easy to add AI into next-generation robots for perception, navigation, and manipulation. Source

The software brings much easiest way for the robotic development. There have much features included in the software. The tool has much greatest things like visualization, debugging, filing, logging and simulation. These all thing much enhance the work of any product.

The simulation also improves with this great software and tool and navigation system too better as previous. There are better techniques connect with reality using these tools.
Time is important for any field, any work, we can save much time and able to work speed improve.





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THATS ACTUALY COOL AND DANGEROES ...The series depicts a future in which Earth is dominated by robots that were created early in the 21st century and rebelled against humanity

This is a pretty cool software. it takes a lot of computational power to process the vast amount of data, Atonomous tech is quite amazing and will completely revolutionize the world in a way we can't comprehend yet. Great hunt :))

Of the whole 2 hours of his showcase of many different AI technologies, this 10 minutes scares me the most. The implication is that robots doesn't need the physical world to learn. They can learn doing things extremely fast in their own virtual world. So in the coming years robots can learn to do all kind of physical work in a rapid pace. Many of our low-paying jobs will be replaced by robots soon. Not a bright future for a lot of us, and it's happening much faster than Most of us expected.

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