Republic - Now you can be an angel investor

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Now you can be an angel investor



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This is a great platform where you can anticipate and Invest as little as $10 in private startups and earn a return if the startup succeeds.

Great fund rising platform

Comes with security

Easily invest in ideas you love

Earn profits if the startup flies off



Hunter: @googlefighter

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Good things come to those who Hunt (and follow posting guidelines) ;) Your hunt has been verified. Woot woot!

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Republic is the platform that minimising bad risks. As we know every startup will not get success. But in republic we can invest with small value, so everyone who want to join not to worry if startup not get done.

Cool hunt mate.

  • SEcurity.
  • EAsy to use.
  • Easily INvest.
  • fund rising.



So this hunt is totally about investment with full security. Don't know how much profit you will get after making investments there. It might be good for some people. Great Hunt

This is so adorable...this it is quite risky as you can loose funds if the project doesn't come out successful.. But then, its a very nice way to start, since its just $10.

Thanks for this hunt

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