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LevelUp Consulting, LLC



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Fruitive is an easy and safe app for use and with every $100 you spend you get $5 as reward. You also get the direction to the nearest location if you want to any of the Fruitive juice.

More features about frutive app :

  • Easily and securely pay with your phone and start earning rewards!

  • Find the nearest location, get directions, and see store hours!

  • Browse our full menu on the go!
    features from here


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Hi @goldenproject, the Short Description that you've got doesn't explain the product at all... it's the name of the company that made the app. Please add in a Short Description of the product to help hunters see what it's all about.
Please use the edit function. Thanks!

Thanks for the notification. Done @urbangladiator

Hi @goldenproject, it doesn't look like it's updated in Steemhunt at all. Could you please try again by editing Steemhunt directly?

I don't understand what went wrong. I updated it here on still not showing

That's so weird... you're updating in Steemhunt and it's not updating? Maybe add a #bug-report in the Discord channel?

Hi @goldenproject- Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

Please specifically look at Guideline 5. Quality of the Post

I'm sorry, I know you've tried, but it's been a couple of days now and I have to reject this product.

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