Skipy - Mixed reality game kit for kids. Boost Creativity With Fun

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Mixed reality game kit for kids. Boost Creativity With Fun



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Skipy is a gaming kit built on mixed reality to help kids develop their storytelling and drawing ability. The app available on playstore gives them the same satisfaction as drawing or writing on papers. Skipy helps them brings their toy and favourite characters to life.


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A nice gaming kit that can be work with a phone or a tab that will make an interesting toy for your kids. This will help your kids to learn and build their creativity while enjoying the game.

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A great app to encourage children to be creative in writing and drawing. Children love such type of work that is interesting as well as creative. I has a good rating on play store as a lot of people are satified with the features. Good Hunt.

A good app that help kids find their path and create cool innovative stories. It's also easy accessible to get since it's on playstore

I have always believed that awakening creativity in children is fundamental, it will help them to fend for themselves in better ways in the current world and this application is responsible for promoting this in a fun and pleasant way, it is without a doubt a great hunting, I wish you good luck friend.

Oh! Is this a free app? For i want to recommend this to my sister's daughter so that she can learn more and be ready for her schooling.

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