Vyu360 - Virtual Reality Action Cams

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Virtual Reality Action Cams



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The 'Vyu360' 4K ultra HD camera enables adventurers to capture their travels in an immersive way unlike ever before thanks to a bevy of innovative technologies.

360-degree cameras have become somewhat commonplace for a number of consumers who utilize them to create video experiences for virtual reality headsets all the time. The 'Vyu360,' however, enables users to bring the equipment with them just about anywhere they want without feature of wrecking the delicate equipment.

The 'Vyu360' camera can be submerged in water and withstand a depth of about 30-meters. Regarding specifications, the camera features an 8MP sensor, a rear LCD, support for microSD and a strong battery pack. The camera can be used and explored via the accompanying app to learn about the different features and utilize tutorials.




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