RevealONE - A drone that can detect and save lifes

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A drone that can detect and save lifes



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Currently, the drones are perhaps one of the gadgets that are more adapted to the needs of people and is that these have been found hundreds of use, well today I bring one of the most important uses that can be given by the drones; SAVE LIFES. The RevealONE is a drone equipped with a series of features that make it the perfect drone to perform rescues and to save lives.

The RevealONE is equipped with a radar system that when in the air can detect life signals such as heart rate and pulse, also has an infrared camera like no other drone, since the infrared camera of the RevealONE does not need light to generate thermal images. Just imagine that there is an accident at sea or in any building or construction, well the ideal is that while the rescuers are responsible for looking for one side survivors this drone do for another.



Hunter: @giovaabbatichio

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I am not a massive fan of drones even though i see the utility but this is the best use case i have seen so far. Deploying these can be a low cost way to boost post accident measures in place. Also useful for disaster recovery. Good one!


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The drones becoming very good technology and also use for artificial intelligence. transfer information to any desired place. thanks for sharing.

Drone can go to a place where human can't go due to the risk factor. To let drone went first to see weather there are human there is a good innovation. We can save life and time

Wow excellent hunt

Using this we safe our life in emergency situations.very innovative Robot. Thanking you for share.

Nowadays there are a lot of different models and they will be specified by their features. A regular drone will be useless very soon. I am glad to see that Revealone detects and saves lifes. Great hunt.

Impressive product man and more for rescue units around the world makes work much easier and they also cover more area for part of their work.

This drone is useful, but it doesn't have bullet protection.
If bullet protection exist inside this drone, this drone can save lives even at war.


Yes with bullet protection this is definitly a better drone for wars

Drones will rule the sky. This can be used to the manhunt in defense too...Fantastic hunt.

Interesting product, it has a great aim somehow. But still needs more improves with time to be more useful and maybe added some different purposes.

I am a little bit sick of seeing drones everywhere lol, but this one is very useful, it can detect and save lifes. Great drone, great hunt.

Really this is very interesting and impressive product.Very perfect design of this drone.this is very useful product.very high resolution cam in this drone.ful HD result of this drone.such a wonderful Robert.very interesting features of this s days cam is more important in our is using for human life's. Such a fabulous hunt.I really like your hunt.thanks for sharing.

Impressive Hunt, Hunter.

I like this robot because it has the ability to save life and also like was the fact that it work much quicker and faster than recuse teams thus tremendously increasing the chances of saving life. This also empowers rescuers to perform better in difficult circumstances. Thanks for Sharing this product here. Happy Hunting.

A drone designed to save human life. It scans by voice and other movements. It's getting thermal images. I do not like the design as being only double propellers. But it is necessary for more stability and longer stay in the air. Overall a nice hunt. Congratulations.

the drones help in our activities to reduce our work and can save our energy. It is a different drone from the other. thanks for sharing.

Ill be happy if this drone can save animal's life also, this must be a great innovation talking about emergency fast response.

Excellent use of drones....not just for recording videos and having fun, I'm delighted to see that it is also used to help humanity. Great hunt and stay awesome.

This is remarkable, in a disaster-prone area, this drone must be owned by the local government to find and help survivors in times of natural disasters such as earthquakes and other natural disaster.


  1. can detect and save lifes.
  2. features that make it the perfect drone to perform rescues and to save lives.
  3. does not need light to generate thermal images

The RevealONE is effective regardless of light conditions in daylight, natural lighting, and at night time. Thunder Tiger has partnered with one of the world’s best-known infrared imaging companies, to create thermal-imaging cameras for aerial vehicles. The Heartbeat Detecting Radar can detecting heartbeat from the air 30 meters in open space, 10 meters with rubbles and other materials in between.

Among the different drone types I see on this platform. I like the design and features very much. It is perfect, especially for direct impact on human life. AMAZING HUNT :)

It looks like a mini helicopter. Drones nowadays are slowly advancing in terms of features and specs. Good hunt!

I have seen so many drones like everybody but I really liked this. It will be great to save the lifes. Perfect hunt.

Great Hunt @giovaabbatichio. It looks is awesome. You can easy to control it. I wait for your next hunt.

awesome hunt.
all i see these days are smart drones and today you came up with an awesome one, nice one

It is true that robots made our life much easier and enjoyable. Now we make a lot of hard work through robots very easily and smoothly. Nice Hunt

Pros and Cons
-Life saving drones, can use for disaster search

-Limited flight time
-Should include parts that can release airdrop to provide immediate self aid items to survivors

Great Drone useful for saving lives no need to put too much effort on searching. like in roads and sea accidents. It will detect a person who needs first aids. Communities must have a drone like this to reduce theft and burglars roaming around.

I fall in live with it coz it can save life during emergency situations. nice hunr


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