Gigaboom - Solar Powered Charging Speaker and Power bank

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Solar Powered Charging Speaker and Power bank



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Hunter's comment

Today I bring you another great gadget that combines two of my favorite things music and solar energy, it is the GigaBoom a speaker powered by solar energy.

GigaBoom is a speaker that incorporates a high-efficiency solar panel on the top of its body that will allow us to recharge its 1600mAh battery to use it as a power bank for our other devices or simply to keep our speaker running.

This great speaker also has Bluetooth 4.2 so that we can control it and play our music without the need for cables. It should be noted that this speaker is specially manufactured to withstand all types of blows because the materials that were used for its manufacture are of the highest quality, these materials also make the GigaBoom is resistant to water and dust.

GigaBoom also offers a full surround sound in HD that makes anything we play sound in the highest possible quality.

Another feature of this gadget is that it is super lightweight and easy to carry around...



Hunter: @giovaabbatichio

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Nice Hunt @giovaabbatichio

Pros / Cons


  • dust / waterproof / droop proof. this kind of feature ensures that the speakers can be used anywhere without worrying about possible damage.
  • solar powered. This ensures you save money, does not need charging with power from home electricity, but you simply use the sun as a source of energy.
  • an interesting design.
  • can function as a powerbank as well.


  • none.

My Opinion:

  • In my opinion, when I look at the design, it's really made for high-portability purposes, and with maximum durability to use anywhere.

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Excellent hunt


  • Battery backup (16000mah)
  • Fast charging output
  • It's drop proof and floats in water
  • It is also waterproof
  • Nothing for this hunt
    Best of luvk for your mext hunt

Interesting hunt you got today @giovaabbatichio

Wow that's one hell of a speaker. Cool design, lots of power, solar powered and a power bank! What else do you need?

I really enjoy reading your hunts, thanks to the dissecting of your text with the help of some photos. Makes it easier to read and improves the quality of the post.

See you on your next hunting. Enjoy the rest of the day @giovaabbatichio

Besides its features, what I love about this device the most is the classic design, it's like combining the best of both worlds, the old simple one and the new, technological one. I have no words; this is the perfect gadget for many people, especially travelers. Great hunt. :)

Keep on hunting.

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Hi @giovaabbatichio, Great Hunt

Here is my review ;


  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • powered by solar energy
  • it is portable and does not take up much space
  • full metal jacket
  • design is pretty nice


No cons

Did I just see floats in water!!!?? O.O

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