Douro - Cryptocurrency ATM with support for many cryptos

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Cryptocurrency ATM with support for many cryptos



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Not everyone wants to buy cryptocurrencies from an exchange because let's face it there is always a small risk, in addition to the fact that in many cases the commissions are very high and the process is super complex. That is why today I bring you an easier way to buy cryptocurrencies, it is Douro an ATM that integrates a support for the purchase of 4 different cryptocurrencies.

With Douro we can buy the amount we want from crypts in a super simple and fast, and that is, after all, that is an ATM.

What I like the most about Douro is that it is a gadget with a super secure decentralized process that takes almost no commission from the transaction, but rather focuses on streamlining the purchase process.



Hunter: @giovaabbatichio

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What's interesting about this is the unique offering of using ATM to purchase cryptocurrencies. Something that will allow the bypass of huge transaction fees from these centralized exchanges. But they need to allow more than 4 crtptos

I think we will see bitcoin ATMs in this way instead of bank ATMs in the coming years and we are happy to hear about them. I saw many crypto related products on the platform, but the Atm is quite interesting. GREAT HUNT :)

Amazing Hunt..!
Nowadays, everyone digging into Crypto to maintain the currency and make it powerful for upcoming years which will be good for all crypto holders.

such ATMs are the real need of the current situation. Hope many other companies bring such innovation in crypto world.

Yes, I am really sick of high fees, Douro may be more profitable for me to trade cryptocurrency.

Good hunt, glad to know more companies are trying to make bitcoin mainstream by making purchases easier.

Impressive Hunt mate.

I am really happy to see bitcoin Atm, now we can sale and purchase bitcoin through atm and that's the revolution block chain will bring into our life, I hope this news will put some positive impact on the market.

Hi @giovaabbatichio,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

This is awesome. The fact that it includes a few more crypto currencies and not just bitcoin makes it even more awesome. So where are these ATM's located?

This is the best hunt I've seen so far!!!!

thanxx for giving update @giovaabbatichio


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