LEMURO - Transform Your iPhone Into A Powerful Camera

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Transform Your iPhone Into A Powerful Camera







Hunter's comment

With a light camera lens, you can make an iPhone a professional camera.


  • An easy to attach lightweight lens.


  • Dual Lens Compatibility


  • A range of lenses that can be changed depending on many uses.


  • Italian Premium Design & German Precision Engineering.

Although it currently has only iPhone models, it is preparing products with Android models.

Shot on Lemuro


  • Seller: LEMURO
  • Price: €25~225 (Depending on the number of lenses)




Hunter: @gidung


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Pros :

  • It can be a great add-on to your creativeness in creating your own photo ang video
  • It can capture the most professional images with the use of your smartphone only
  • It has Ultra definition close ups and even fit more onto the frame making it look like a high end camera
  • It does have unique effects and some ultra wide angles
  • Does have double optical zoom that provides more effectiveness

Cons :

  • I don't see any cons on this product


  • Premium smartphone lenses
  • It is highly recommended for whether you are a Pro Photo- or Videographer, Blogger or just love Instagram.
  • It helps you to take better pictures anywhere, at any time. Even if you don't have your heavy camera with you. All you need is your phone.
  • Good for Travel / Action Shots​​ get that epic "action cam" look
  • You can shot now WIDER ANGLES
  • Good for Vlogging / Videos


  • available only for: iPhone X; 7/8; 7plus/8plus


  • Handy type of a product
  • Convenient, and Easy to use
  • The product is very innovative


  • None for this amazing hunt


  • photography result of the phone + lemuro very cool with perfect focus

  • lemur quality is very simple for the user

  • can produce amazing images


  • only the shape and quality of the resistances are less satisfactory

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Here's my review on this:

Pros :

-With a light camera lens, you can make an iPhone a professional camera
-easy to attach lightweight lens
-Sleek Italian Design

Cons :

No cons on this product.


Awesome hunt , this might be a great help to the photographers. Instead of bringing big cameras , photographers can now bring this small lens than can be put inside a pocket or a small bag.

That's right. It is a good things that photograpers make nice pictures without heavy bags.

great idea

Thank you for your comment.

Pros: It's a good accessory to use for iPhone. Make iPhone become a real camera.
Cons: Nothing right now.

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