Ooma home security - smart gadget that protect all part of your home

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Ooma home security

smart gadget that protect all part of your home



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The Smart Home Security Starter Kit contains Ooma Butterfleye Camera gives you end-to-end home monitoring with no contracts or installation fees.

Product features

  • Can call 911 remotely as if you were at home.
  • The system automatically arms based on your current location.
  • Can get instant alert on your mobile phone when you have the Ooma home security application.
  • It contains garage sensor, window semsor, garage door sensor, and modem combat




Hunter: @gidolee


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Hi @gidolee,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


  • No installation Fee
  • Call cops in emergency
  • Detection of locations
  • Mobile alerts
  • Have many sensors


  • None yet

Hi @gidolee
Nice hunt for your products. Ooma home security will give our more than secure. Simple without installation, can call 911 remotely if we are not home. Compatible with our smartphone device connected by app. Automatically detect our location. And have many sensor in main point access like window, garage, door.

Happy hunting 🤩

You did a great job with this hunt.
The different sensors that Ooma home security have made it easy for quick tracking.
Keep hunting

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