3M™ Intelligent Control Inhale - smart inhaler for asthmatic patient

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3M™ Intelligent Control Inhale

smart inhaler for asthmatic patient



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Product Features

  • Instruct patient visually how to use the smart inhaler correctly.
  • It has inspiratory flow regulator.
  • It can connect with smartphones.
  • Reminds patient when next to use the smart inhaler.




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It is an innovative product, I had not seen any with these characteristics; but frankly, the most outstanding is that of the cardiac flow regulator (I hope that the statistics of the same point in the app); the other characteristics are not very striking because even a child knows how to use an inhaler perfectly ..! I think it is the ideal product to have at home when we or a family member suffers from asthma; with priority to children and elderly people that in reality it is those who are most affected; Asthma is a condition that in most cases is for life.
Pity that in my country, not even conventional inhalers can be seen; This would be great to see him in action.

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