Mavic Air - high-end flights for unlimited exploration

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Mavic Air

high-end flights for unlimited exploration


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Hunter's comment

hi all of Steemian friends? May you all always be healthy and passionate.

Today I would like to share my writing experience again. This time I will explain about a product that is engaged in a very sophisticated drones that Mavic Air is ultraportable features and top flight functionality for unlimited exploration.

hope you like and benefit us all, thank you
greetings from me to all



Hunter: @ghaisan

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Hi @ghaisan,

Thanks for your hunt. Sadly enough I can not approve it as the Mavic Air has been previously hunted already.

Please make sure to always check if a product has been hunted already before submitting it.


it's the newest product, nothing new, just make sure it's clear


Please check the link in my first comment. It has been submitted already by another member.

Thus I can not approve your hunt. We do not accept duplicate listings. Sorry.


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