War Riders - Kill for Crypto!

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War Riders

Kill for Crypto!



Hunter's comment

In the far future, when Earth is just sand everywhere, humanity is pushed to near extinction and struggling to survive. All the forms of money are gone except Benzene (BZN), the last cryptocurrency on Earth and all people are killing each other for it.
War Riders is the first post-apocalyptic MMO game of earning cryptocurrency and blowing up cars for Benzene (BZN).

It's like being the director of a new season of "Mad Max: Fury Road"...
Mine or Die!




Hunter: @georgemales


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Hi @georgemales,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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This is an interesting game that is on top of a blockchain. With its intense battle actions that you can experience playing it. You can also design your own car in your own way. This is stunning hunt!

I love the game..
Mine or Die !!!
Great Hunt..

Interesting game I am a lover of video games and I want to have this good hunting

Awesome! Cryptocurrency inspired game!!! The designs are beautiful and the shooting is awesome too! Let's blow up some cars and earn crypto!!!

Great Hunt, seems it is a good game of cryptocurrency, the design is awesome. Mine or Die! keep hunting on


  • build your own war vehicles.
  • With the vehicle you can mine and attack the enemies.
  • Buy better weapons and kill by influence.


  • Any

Years ago I watched a film named Death Race. When I examined this game, I remembered that movie. Graphically a good game. I usually like racing games. It will be a good alternative for me. Cool hunt.

I love Mad Max: Fury Road :) Games and crypto goes very nice together. Playing and earning crypto is so natural. And with game like this it should be quite enjoyable as well :)

Cool game, I am interested to play this one game. Thankyou for the great hunt, really like your hunt 👌

Like the words Mine or Die! blowing up cars to get crypto, the more devastating the richer, note and bookmark, will play it as soon as possible, this is a good game.

This is very brilliant game, the world is really going crypto, with this addictive game to put more into cryptosystem.

Great Hunt

i have seen it. it's a very good game. mine or die.

a very interesting game, where we will feel where things will come when all currencies are not valid except Benzene (BZN)

great hunt

It is an action game where you have to kill people to earn cryptocurrency .

best of luck

War riders is an interesting game and it would be good to kill the people for the last crypto (BZN) on the earth.


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