Start Solar - Fight climate change and earn virtual currency!

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Start Solar

Fight climate change and earn virtual currency!



Hunter's comment

Within minutes you can buy shares of solar panels on our solar farms and start earning passive income from generated electricity. By buying Start.Solar solar panel shares you contribute to accelerating the transition to clean energy sources and help fight climate change.


Some key features:

  • Buy solar panel shares
  • Earn passive income
  • Produce clean energy
  • Save the environment

For a better understanding you can take a look at the following video which is a demo showing an admin adding a new solar farm with solar panel tokens and creating an auction for a panel token:

Embrace the Future Now!



Hunter: @georgemales

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It's amazing how many people are embracing the crypto concept and integrating it into their business. This is yet another innovative project geared towards mass adoption of crypto. Love it!


Did you hear about great Keppel island coin

Good hunt mate.. this can bring down the cost of capital for solar ipps and also help people earn passive income. Hope the compant has ppa eventually with power compamies. Crypto backed solar ipp, quite like the idea.


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Great Hunt!


Damn what a cool idea. Looks like they are doing a pretty good job reading through the website. Definite good sign is the realistic ROI of about 10% annually which sounds quite good to be honest.

Will definitely follow this one and do a deeper research into this. Looks really promising.

Keep on the good work!

The main features of this product are:

we can buy solar panel shares
produce passive income
Produce clean energy and
Save the Environment

Wow this thing is so amazing!!!!!!
I love it I was trying to do some savings and I wanted a passive income. Solar flight is really gonna change environment,
Amazing hunt!

Wow .. Another way to earn from nature .. This is such a cool opportunity to earn extra cash.. Cool hunt

Start Solar definitely deserves to be Rank#1 for today. Great idea, great project and great hunt.

the solar panels is the electric light of the now thanks to them we can have light and store them in batteries for the places where the electricity does not arrive

I love the concept save the environment and earn token. We need more solution like that to fight against climate change. Great hunt @georgemales

(1) Investing in solar energy sector and earning a return is possible now.
(2) It is equally good for environment because it paves a way to promote more clean and renewable source of energy.
(3) One buy solar panel shares and earn passive income.

Thank you...steem on that hunt.

When people get paid from projects by doing simple tasks, it gives them the feeling of ownership. contrary to projects/products like Facebook where you get nothing for all your activities and the owners make billions. Star Solar is a multifaceted product and really fine one. I think this is great hunt. Excellent job @georgemales.

Earning from eco system is one very cool feature this product give to us .. I will definitely try it out .. Good hunt dear

This is a great invention and an outstanding innovation.

Am reading about Start Solar for the first time and I love this.
One can actually earn income with this.

Keep hunting

Sounds good. But this is basically ICO... not sure how trustable this project is.

It is very interesting product that user share the solar panel and get tokens. It also helps save the environment to produce clean energy.


  • unique and smart
  • can fight climate change very well.
  • very helpful
  • none

Hiii @georgemales, ""Start Solar"" is excellent Hunt with amazing features.

That is really great slogan for this product "Fight climate change and earn virtual currency."* I think a wonderful offer for everyone and we should contribute by buying shares of solar panels from solar farms and start earning passive income. This video clip is best for better understanding of this offer. Thanks friend for always sharing such a high quality and unique hunting.

This looks like a promising project. I like how they're bringing clean energy production to the blockchain by letting users buy shares of solar panels in a solar farm. This way, investors can earn ROI, while helping usher the transition to clean energy. The barriers to entry are also low, starting with just a €10 investment to buy solar panels, and with an easy to use interface to manage your solar panel shares. It's a great idea worth exploring.

The marketers behind this product know their job very well...

Fight climate change and earn virtual currency!

...and this is true for the makers of this product that is innovative, environmental-friendly and works in a way that users can make shares out of their efforts. Great product with superb marketing strategy. I think this is one of the coolest ideas I've seen here at @steemhunt recently. Bravo @georgemales!

Interesting! This sounds very familiar to SunExchange, which is a project I learned about last week at World Blockchain Forum 2018. Hopefully the crypto-industry will help boost renewable resources!

Nice hunt @georgemales!

Everybody should fight climate exchange, it will be a big problem very soon,even today so Start Solar looks like a great way.

great site not every day there are pages of such a level that help the environment and that you can also earn money with this great hunt

Taking care of the environment is something we all need to focus upon. The fact that solar is getting so much cheaper is exciting. Now we have a crypto tied to it. We will be able to incentivize better behavior.

Nice hunt @georgemales This is a great idea. All we have to do is buy the solar panel shares and earn passive income. The solar will produce clean energy which can help save the environment and reduce climate change.

Hello @georgemales,

Start Solar is an outstanding idea that addresses the need of the society to provide them energy and at the same time offers various shares and incentives to people who buy these panels. It provides double treat. This is very important to mention that with these solar panels one can easily get rid of the old and traditional power generation methods.

Overall an outstanding hunt :)

Most lovable Start Solar

It is a good idea to buy a solar panel to make money. Wow, fighting against climate change and earning virtual currency is a good way.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

So we can get virtual currency while having solar energy. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

I like this way of making people motivated to settle cleaner source of energy and safe environment. Making some passive income while enjoying of clean energy and doing the world we live in a favour. I mean, who doesn't find that interesting.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Great hunt my friend!Solar panels, in my opinion,are the best solution for electricity for the future and also the passive income is positive.Keep good hunting!

Wow, am really happy seeing all this. Time will surely come, we will start earning in all field of life. Solar is definitely dominating and it is a good thing seeing that we will be rewarded for owing such.

a great way to earn passive income through generating clean energy. best idea, thank you for sharing

I want to but this solar panel for my home. It is fun to generate electricity by using this panel.

Nice hunt, brother!

Wow, so even when benefiting from the panel I bought I can still earn some token for myself, wonderful, I need to tell someone about this...

Saving the environment and making money at the same time is a dream come true for anyone. Although annually you will only have 10% ROI, so it is to invest a good amount to make a profit in a few years.

Fantastic hunt my friend. This kind of project combines a win win situation to all. Keep the planet clean and earn some crypto. Keep on the good work. thank you.

solar powers rock, will help save the earth too, thank you very much for your hunt, steem on

Nice hunt! interesting concept to earn some virtual money with start solar panel, we need more this type of ideas and thanks for sharing a nice hunt Good luck with us

Sounds like a neat idea thanks for sharing an up to 10% roi sounds pretty decent if they can guarantee it wonder what the average is still a neat project regardless.

Mutlipurpose Invention that can earn you some passive income! It was indeed a witty one, aside from you will help save the world from extensive use of harmful substance from our traditional power source, it also produce quite good clean energy which is a win-win situation with nature and man. Impressive hunt you got there hunter! I will be giving you a score of 5 out of 5 which made you a deserving top 1 hunt as of the moment💯

Great hunting, the solar panels generate clean energy, helping the great demand of electricity throughout the world. Keep it up

I think I need to get in on this one. It’s a useful and helpful platform to earn incentives while producing clean energy

Pros and Cons:
-Good green energy, solar power is the best
-Can earn money

-Difficult to set up in urban area

Best way to invest and earn cool money. It doesn’t require much stress. It’s so cool. It’s only to buy some solar panel and start earning from home .


I really like campaigns and products like that which gives incentives to people when they use it it doesnt need to be require incentive to save the planet but in this era people dont do anything for free://

Hi @ georgemales, fantastic idea, product and hunting.
The passive income on selling electricity from the sun is a terrible idea.
Solar energy is still in unlimited bursts and is free and harmless.
You just have to figure out a functional way to use it.
This is one of examples!
Renewable energy sources are the future of our planet, and I think it is this clear to everyone now.

Very nice idea indeed. Solar Energy is one of the most reliable source in the world. So these shares would be most trusted. Highly motivated to get some money invested in this project. Thanks a lot for sharing

great hunt

Earning money by contributing a better usable energy to the planet is amazing. thanks for sharing . keep hunting

This is so awesome idea to earn money. This is amazing feeling to earn money while sitting in your bed with laptop. Great piece of work. Keep it up.

unnamed (1).gif

Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful



  • You can earn with it.

  • It's just to get a solar panel, and its very easy to set up.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

Just like our body needs energy in the form of food. We also need energy in the form of electricity to perform work and the best way to get energy which is eco-friendly. Start Solar gives a nice way to promote clean energy and gives it share holder a nice incentive in the form of virtual currency. It will help to develop better environment. Great hunt

Solar cells are great, but you can use them to earn cryptocurrency is a much better thing. Nice hunt

I love this concept. As a renter, I can't benefit from solar. This way, I can buy into the solar farm, and benefit. Also, I am always on the lookout for other ways to earn a passive income, and this is ideal in that quest. Bookmarking for more research and to buy in when I have spare $$

Very nice way to earn some money. Solar panels are in dire need here in our world. I am totally agree with you and will must explore it. Thanks for sharing

This is a great way to attract investors and at the same time make use of the solar panels! This is way more than a great hunt @georgemales.

Both using eco friendly energy source and earning virtual currency sound great. Perfect idea, perfect hunt.

Green energy development is expected to replace finite energy. It's not necessary right now, but with the change in electric cars due to the fourth industrial revolution, solar energy development is now a necessity, not an option. And this kind of development that we're trying to look far away is going to shine more and more.

This is a great project. Make a contribution to the world with this project and make virtual money through it. The solar panels are worth buying.

Wow, so even when benefiting from the panel I bought I can still earn some token for myself, wonderful, I need to tell someone about this...

This is awesome..
Allows us make use of the energy around us.

Very interesting idea!
Thank u for the valuable & useful information.
Nice hunt!

This is a very interesting concept thanks for sharing and off to check it out

Great idea. solar energy is the future energy.Cheer up!!

wow it looks cool:)

It's a great idea to get income. Solar energy will be used more in the future. This project is an opportunity to invest and gain.

Mutlipurpose Invention that can earn you some passive income! It was indeed a witty one, aside from you will help save the world from extensive use of harmful substance from our traditional power source, it also produce quite good clean energy which is a win-win situation with nature and man. Impressive hunt you got there hunter! I will be giving you a score of 5 out of 5 which made you a deserving top 1 hunt as of the moment💯

What a fruitful idea ever! You not only earn income but also enjoy the precious renewable energy. This is really a remarkable innovation.
Good hunt!

great hunting and think that one spends energy and damages the environment having these possibilities


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