PolyAlpha - Secure Communication with Attention Bidding!

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Secure Communication with Attention Bidding!



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PolyAlpha offers a secure communication platform that is build on blockchain with NSA proof encryption and and attention bidding and that means that you can monetize your attention.

Some key features:

  • Attention Bidding
  • Private Wallet
  • Anonymous Accounts
  • No Advertisements
  • Censorship Resistant
  • Incognito Messages
  • Scalable
  • Encrypted Group Chats

Embracing the decentralized nature of Blockchain with state of the art Encryption and Attention Bidding to disrupt the $500 Billion USD instant messaging market.


Now the best part is that using their application you can earn PolyAlpha Tokens that have the symbol POLY and it's part of Ethereum Classic platform and fully comply with ERC20 standard.

Just think about it... it's like using Telegram or WhatsApp but all this on the blockchain and getting rewarded in the same time. A Win-Win situation!




Hunter: @georgemales


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This is really offering the best blockchain network. No Advertisements if we don't want it, and we can bid for it. The system is really cool, we can sell our attention for money, I can't wait for it.

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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SteemHunt Moderation Team

I just singed up! Secured communications is a number one priority for me and should be for anyone who uses the net in this age of spying, tracking and blocking our privacy. Thanks for posting!

I had just found something here on steemhunt to share with my wife and now I'm finding something that fits the bill for me! Really nice and on top of all it offers you can earn a token from the ethereum platform! Nice! I like it!

Hello @georgemales wellcome with another Stunning Hunt "PolyAlpha"

Glad to hear about PolyAlpha which is secure communication platform built in Bloackchain. It is full of various amazing key features and the attracted thing is that we got reward on blockchain by using it. Thanks friend for always sharing such activities. My support and appreciation for you.

This app is very interesting and useful. Just communicate with somebody using it, we can earn POLY tokens. What a cool product.

PolyAlpha is at the Rank 1 as it deserves. Such a great blockchain based platform with its features. Congratulations .

Nice hunt!!

  • The platform is very secure with NSA grade encryption.
  • It is built on blockchain technology
  • No advertisement.
  • you get Anonymity
  • And an option to monitize your attention.


  • None for this hunt.

PolyAlpha seems to be a great communication platform on Blockchain and it is also safe. Perfect hunt.

great application not every day is one of the same level with good security and also check in blockchain great hunt @georgemales

Safety o fcommunication is important for everybody even you are a housewife. PolyAlpha is a secure platform. Thanks for sharing.

As a social media professional, I've been working for my clients for several years and additionally, I also spent thousands of hours at different social apps including game apps but never got rewarded with the real money. Now, with the advent of blockchain technology, everything is getting more user-centered and they get rewarded as well. I really like the idea and for its incentives, I think it will get great attention. Resteeming it so that I could use it later on. Thank You @georgemales.

Most lovable PolyAlpha

Polyifa Token is a private wallet in which you can earn a polyphi token, it is part of the atherium classic platform. It is with a secure communication feature with bidding.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful


  • It has an app. which can be used to earn.

  • It is secured and guarantee safety of our wallet.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

It's great to know that cryptocurrency/blockchain has made even the big social media giants like Facebook to think of coming up with a crypto coin. They have made billions from the content that their users have been sharing on this platform since it was created back in 2004. Same goes for all other social media apps. On the other side, blockchain based platforms are rewarding users and that's why it seems a total shift from centralized world to decentralized one. Polyalpha App seems nice communication app and I'm going to give it a try. Thanks a lot for hunting this one and sharing it here. @georgemales

Cool hunt as the crypto world will dominate many of these communications and great to know that there is no ad. Great hunt.

This is an awesome idea for secure communication with attention bidding. By using their application one can earn PolyAlpha Tokens and it's part of Ethereum Classic platform. Noting to worry about the advertisement or other ads while performing the various actions.

Overall an awesome hunt @georgemales :)

It is definitely a win win scenario as stated. Am so happy seeing such been build on the Etherum block chain, it means i will now get rewarded for my time and effort.

Great Hunt! With a lot of cool features like Secure communication with encryption, Attention Bidding, Private Wallet and scalable to earn Polyalpha token on the blockchain. Thanks for your fantastic hunt Good luck

The first product they will create will be a decentralized application running on the Ethereum Blockchain, this will serve as a fully functional proof of concept

It will be getting actually have an application which offers so much help with incentives to it users

Pros: All features they mention are nice and most of them are already exist in other apps.

Cons: there is no working application right now so we cant claim much about it.

A communication platform with a security infrastructure supported by Blockchain. It is a technological product. You can also win your own tokens. ERC20-compatible service. Thank you.

This is too far beyond imaginable. Social media giants nowadays encrypt our data and messages for their own benefit. I hope this gets attention. Thanks for bringing this out!

nothing guarantees safety than a wallet that makes the owner anonymous
A nice hunt

It is great communication system with awesome feature.

Attention Bidding
Private Wallet
Anonymous Accounts
No Advertisements
Censorship Resistant
Incognito Messages
Encrypted Group Chats

Thanx for sharing precious information.

Very useful indeed. This hunt is at No 1 place right now so its obvious. All the products which are based on cryptocurrency are no doubt will rise. Thanks for this awesome hunt.

Nice hint @georgemales!

Liking the idea of fully encrypted chat and incognito mode. This will stop prying eyes from reading our private messages. With anonymous accounts and censorship proofing, I am sure this will be a winner.
I have just signed up and am looking forward to January 2019 when the DAICO and token distribution starts.


In near future cryptocurrency will be dominant. So I give congrats to all the crypto world for their bright future. I like this hunt because it has some amazing features like:

- Private Wallet

- Anonymous Accounts

- No Advertisements

- Encrypted Group Chats

Great, and also hunt of the day from my side. I like crypto world and any good news from their would be warmly welcomed. The best feature of this hunt is:
No Advertisements. Keep it up man

It's great system, communicate incognito and earn tokens. Perfect. Thanks for sharing @georgemales

The private wallet and anonymous account feautures make me to fall in love with this communication platform.

Great Hunt

PolyAlpha really looks like a win-win situation. Its features are great. It worths to try. Thanks for sharing.

interesting I find it quite complete and it's better without advertising, Great hunting, congratulations

Good hunt


Secured chart
Encrypted messages
Private wallet



The most important thing is anonymity, it is the main idea of ​​cryptocurrencies and many are forgetting about it.
Nice hunt

Excellent platform


No ads
Private wallet
Very secure




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