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Origami Folding Canoe



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What can be more cool then a folding canoe that you can folded in a box and set it up for great adventures in 10 minutes. Sounds crazy right!

MYCANOE is made of a 5 mm double-layer custom polypropylene that is lightweight and extraordinarily strong. It is manufacturer rated for 20,000 fold cycles. We've tested in a various water/weather conditions and haven't yet found any issues. With prolper care, a MYCANOE can last for years of paddling. Every component piece can be replaced in the event of breakage.

To see how simple is the process you can take a look at the video below:

Features and Pros:

  • Easy to set up in 10 minutes
  • Weights only 52lbs
  • Because it folds in to a box can be store anywhere even under your bed
  • Have 8 different sitting positions
  • Stable and difficult to capsize
  • Have the option to attach a trolling motor if you want to add more adrenaline to your adventures
  • You can attach paddles for rowing
  • Can be stored either assembled or folded for months without affecting the canoe or the floating ability
  • Has handles at the bow and stern
  • Has 4 ribs (cross bars) that makes it easy portaging
  • 5 mm double-layer custom polypropylene that makes the canoe very light and more easy and fun to navigate with
  • Great and unique design

Price: $1290 + Shipping



Hunter: @georgemales

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  • very portable because it folds; saves time and hassle
  • light and easy to setup


  • none

Pros and Cons
-Portable and light weight perfect for travelling
-Can add motors and accommodate multi people

-may not be robust enough to survive zombie apocalypse XD

This should definitely be a top 5 hunt on the day, this is super cool. A canoe that you can carry around with you and then unfold it, out it into the water and head out on the lake, AWESOME!!

  • Only 50 pounds
  • Easy to set up
  • ability to add a motor.
  • usability, This is something that would make portaging and camping much more fun and it is easy to transport which makes it much more usable than a traditional canoe.


  • My only worry would be how stable it is, I would be worried about water and leaks coming in.

Overall, this is an awesome hunt. Great find!!

This is super cool. a folding canoe, what a great idea it is! Much easier to carry and fit in a small car or even bike. It looks steady as well and functions just like a normal canon. It's a bit expensive though.

Good hunt, @georgemales, keep on hunting.

Great hunt @georgemales!

The video part where he unfolds the canoe is so satisfying! If you ask someone what that is when it's unfolded, canoe is the last thing people will ever think.

Nice for people that enjoy doing water sports.


Hello hunter friend, it is a pleasure to address you today.
Let me tell you that you have done a great hunting, this product is practical, light, resistant and useful; ideal for lovers of water sports who do not have a very spacious car for the transport of their sportswear. This beautiful design is inspired by origami, Unique..!

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@georgemales your hunt is something special as my daughter loves ORIGAMI. And this hunt is based on it. I have did some research on it and here are my feedback:


  • Easy Setup in a very short time
  • Very low weight
  • Excellent quality
  • Great outup
  • Best use of brain
  • In very affordable price


  • Must be some safety precautions for verse case scenario

Awesome hunting! Thanks for your work friend @gerogemales. Here be my criticism of your search.


  • It is quite resistant and a little light.
  • You can also add paddles to be able to paddle.
  • It has a very nice and innovative design.
  • If weight is light of only 52 lines.
  • If you like adrenaline and excitement you can place a drag motor which would add that this paddle goes much faster.
  • This can be stored anywhere.


  • None for this hunt.

Your friend search was great.

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  • unique and amazing tool

  • light and incredibly powerful

  • Stable and difficult to reverse and and have 8 seats


  • none

Awesome hunt ! Thanks for your work.

Here is my review for your hunt:

My personal score :★★★★★★★ (Max: 10 Stars)


  • This product is very easy to set up
  • This product is light
  • This product is not expensive


  • None

Good job and great hunt!

Looking forward to see more great hunt from you!

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nice post

Good product, excellent for paddling in river, besides sr light to transport

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