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ExoPlanets is a space exploration crypto game based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The game offers an immersive and unseen before gaming experience in the crypto genre like real data pulled directly from NASA’s database and beautiful playable 3D environments. ExoPlanets gives you the opportunity to buy your own planet where you can evolve life and build a civilization. The civilization will grow and once it reaches the Space Technology era, you will be able to travel outside your ExoPlanet to other smaller resource planets and gather resources to further your galactic expansion.


For a better understanding you can take a look at the cool video from below:

So what are you waiting for, join the game and explore a new universe while you are having fun and earning cryptocurrency!




Hunter: @georgemales


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AS describe, the game features realistic graphics based on the NASA database. So, it is expected for users to have an awesome in-game experience. Thank you for sharing @georgemales!


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