CryptoDeads - Eat people, earn virtual currency!

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Eat people, earn virtual currency!



Hunter's comment

What can be more fun then a strategy game based on POE (Proof of eating) on the blockchain. If you combine that with the fact that you are controlling zombies to fight the surviving humans until you destroy all the humans on Earth, and by doing that you are earning ZOB, then you know you made the perfect choice.
ZOB is a token of the ERC-20 standard, you can buy and sell on the exchange, currently 1 ZOB convertible 0.0005 ETH.
It's like being the director of a new season of "The Walking Dead"...
Let the end of the world begin!



Hunter: @georgemales

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The concept of eating people while earning crypto is awesome, it'll surely attract more players. I'm definitely playing this one. Cool hunt!

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Interesting. But the development of this game is somewhat too slow. I just wish for better horror/thrilling games made thru blockchain than this one.

There are two reasons I like your hunt, @georgemales:

  1. I like strategy games
  2. POE

Second one is the more important reason.
Keep up hunting cool products & Good Luck for your next hunts.

This game will not rule your early morning hours and late nights, if you let it… Lots of fun, and many opportunities to work with others toward the greater good for you alliance

This is cool.Earn virtual currency by eating people. I am going to eat the people now.What a hunt 👻

I will surely try this with my friends and see who can best in POE. Hahaha! Three of the things I am into, zombies, crypto and gaming. Of course, the best part is you earn.

"CryptoDeads" is very interesting & amazing Hunt.

Eat people, earn virtual currency.

That's really great task/game to earn ZOB by killing humans and controlling Zombies with the strategy of game which based on (POE) Proof of eating. I think so many people enjoy this opportunity and earn.
Good work @georgemales and keep hunting.

Thanks for sharing not only a HUNT but with an amazing opportunity:
CryptoDeads : Eat people, earn virtual currency.
This one is a great news for the people who are searching for some new coins with good earning chance. Very nice man. Keep it up!

CryptoDeads seem very interesting Game. Kill and get rewarded. This is exactly what I was searching for. Thanks a lot for sharing a very useful hunt for the Hunters. Keep us updated more ideas like that @georgemales!

Great food for lovers of Games, of course after eating all the people on earth they will get a ZOB token

It is very cool idea. I want to eat people to earn money lol. It is very good and fun to play. I am wondering how many people do I need to eat for 1 ETH.

Great hunt my friend. Playing - earn cryptocurrency by eating the people - this is crazy and fun.

Keep hunting amazing products my friend @georgemales

Hey nice to see your this amazing to play that's type game. I will shure dowload this gamee and playing.Thanks for sharing. this great hunt..dear
keep it up.

Awesome hunt


  • Great design game
  • You can earn cryptocurrency
  • Great graphics
  • nothing for this hunt

best of luck

Crypto and games are excellent combination :) This looks quite interesting one. The twist with controlling the zombies to eat humans is something new. Usually is the other way around.

I have been seeing different games running on the ERC-20 token and i am really impressed. So we gamers wont be left out of this block chain evolution. Nice hunt, going to eat some Humans.

wow what fun game does not every day look like this since blockchain games are usually of the big collection type hunting men

I love Zombie game so much.
In addition, playing cryptodeads make money vie ETH.
Thanks for your recommendation. I am going to register it.

It's really interesting game I never heard about it. The titel as eat people and earn virtual currency is really interesting so that's why I am on this hunt now. I like strategy games so i will try it asap. Thanks for sharing.

I like to play all the strategy blockchain games.
Be sure I will try this one as I like to control zombies, eat people and earn crypto..


Great Hunt


Thanks a lot for this great comment @lordoftruth!
Well this combination that you mention: control zombies, eat people and earn crypto sounds like the perfect ultimate fun!

This is really amazing hunt! Great advancement and utilization of important factors of technology. I'm up to it. This adds spice to the crypto world!

It's a strategy game where you control zombies to eat people that trying to survive. It seems fun to play it. I never played blockchain games but this one can be the first for me. You can even make money with it. Thanks.

I like playing games and specially adventure and strategy games are my favorite. Having a zombie and trying to catch people to eat them is something different but must be fun. Earning virtual currency is also a good option.

A game with an Erc-20 token. Fight the zombies and save the world as a hero. As these types of games grow, the world of blockchain will grow faster. I like the stragie games so will try it. Thanks for this

I have never had experience with POE on the blockchain. It would be funny to earn Zob while eating people. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

Wow. Gaming and earning a trading token .. Is really going to be the really deal now .. I will need to get this and earn some tokens too

This strategy game looks fun.
Sadly one bad thing about ETH from my opinion : there's a gas price :(
We can't redeem free zombie if our wallet balance is $0.
That's only my personal opinion though.

The CryptoDeads is a strategy game based on the blockchain. You will control zombies to fight the surviving humans until you destroy all the humans on Earth

Pros and Cons
-Cool idea of a Proof of eating mining method
-Strategic game play is required

-the coin earned is difficult to be a moon coin

Nice hunt @georgemales

Good to see a game based on Blockchain. It's a strategy game to make virtual currency. You can buy or sell characters. I think that these kinds of games have contributed to the world of blockchain.

It's a game that you can enjoy a lot and while playing you can earn virtual currency. I didn't hear about ZOB before and now I see that it's convertible to ETH. Its great idea. Thanks for the hunt.

That's a really interesting idea. I think many people can enjoy playing this game with earning virtual currency. I really like it and I'd like to play it!! Thank you for sharing.

Earning crypto by eating people sounds perfect hahaha. Sure I will play CryptoDeads. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

The following is just my opinion:
I really hope that I've got something wrong. So this is a game where someone can earn currency for eating people?? There are a lot of researches about influence of games and video on human behaviour. As always some of them will tell us that they change human behaviour, others will tell that not. But according to my life experience they definitely change human behaviour. And I seriously doubt that this game will teach someone something useful. I guess that the creators of this game would better spend this time and efforts to build some useful computer tools for scientists to move science forward and help to solve some problems we often face nowadays. These were just my thoughts, and nobody should care about them.

Eating people that trying to survive is a strange idea but its a game and mus be fun. You can chose your own zombie and try to find and eat people. While you're doing that you make money too.

It looks like a fun game. Although zombies may be going a little bit out of fashion, I wouldn't mind trying out another game on the blockchain.

I've been searching for ways to earn crypto by playing games and Cryptodeads has finally ended my search. Thank You for sharing this game and I can't wait to check this one. Great hunt.

Looks like a fun game but probably wont moon by mining like this, thank you very much for your hunt

It's a great idea, I like playing games and I like the idea of making virtual money more.

Dead and Crypto: Some would claim this is where Crypto will be headed :)

What an idea on this game.Great thinking. I like it

This strategy game looks fun.

Though I feel puked while watching zombie movies and never enjoy such topics but this strategy game seems a very interesting game specially where there is earning attached to it. I would love to make 0.0005 ETH ($0.146) by controlling zombies to survive humans.

Very interesting hunt @georgemales.

I'm a great fan of strategy games and this one is going to be the recent addition to my great list of strategy games. Though I'm not a trader and know least about crypto thus earning some rewards in terms of crypto would be nice motivation. I think this is a great hunt in gaming category and I want to congrat @georgemales. Keep up the good job.

Cultivate my own zombie army, invade the remnant human territory, and eat them. Ha ha Thats fun

This game looks awesome, blockchain games are the future


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Walking Dead is the 1st thing that sprung in my mind.