Smartphone microscope - Microscope with smartphone adapter

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Smartphone microscope

Microscope with smartphone adapter



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Taking pictures of slides from microscope is quite difficult except you are using a photomicroscope. Here comes a microscope with a smartphone adapter that enables younto take quality images of your slides using your smartphone. All you need to do is plug the adapter tonyour smartphone and you have a device that could be better than photomicroscope with you.


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This microscope is more advanced than the old one. Previously, we had to keep our eyes close to the lens of the microscope when we looked at things through a microscope. And only one person could see the microscope at the same time. Because the product magnifies objects and displays them through a screen on a smartphone, the enlarged image can be viewed by multiple people at the same time. Smartphone microscopes can easily store images of objects that have been expanded to Smartphones as video or image files. Thank you for giving me a good microscope.

You can take a picture of what you see under the microscope and send it to your smartphone. That's great. If you could send pictures to your smartphone or tab, it would be very convenient to manage your data. I wonder what the quality is like.


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