Cat VR - First ever VR technology for cats

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Cat VR

First ever VR technology for cats



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Here is a cool innovative technology for cat lovers. Your cat can have as much fun as you might have with VR technologies. Cat VR was designed by pvrr and is available for preorder.


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I never imagined it was a VR device for cats. I don't think cats will stand still with that device on their heads.

Any respectable feline would not permit its subject to place that thing on its head. That must be a stuffed animal in the photo.

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Seems interesting and new type of VR technology for cat .In which they can have more fun that is enjoyable for them impressive hunt keep sharing ☺.

Haha! So now cats can also enjoy VR stuff just like Humans? I wonder how a cat can be used to it. She will accept this innovation? :D

Cool Hunting!

:joy: this is the most weird hunt that i ever seen on steemhunt :joy:

I have seen 1st time VR for cats. I am sure this will help to make your cat to face the problems and how they can save themselves. Also a funny one for cats.

It's look funny and loved gift for cat. People will love this VR for as a fun. Amazing hunt.

Aww I am a cat lover, I would like to try it out. This technology looks really great. This is something like a wonderful experience in the real view.

Interesting what cats see in this VR glass🤔🙂 and can it catch mouse in this glasses?
Anyway I like this idea!

Just looks funny. There is also a gif of cat reacting to this on the site.

This may turn out to be a an expensive and short loved gift for a cat.

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It's funny, but eventually, it's just a PR stunt. See below at 1:30

Amazed to see that now cat can also enjoy the view of vittual reality. I don't know how cats react on this. It may scare the cats as it is not easy to digest such things for animals. Any way nice hunt

aah he would just blast it on wall or somewhere not taking risk as the rate of steem is also down 😂😂😂 i wouldn't be able to bear the loss

You have got to be kidding. VR for cats, o my God. In which world are we living. On one side we have famines and on the other we have extravagant and superfluous things like these.

Interesting find. Now vr technology for our cats. Peoples really love cats. Wear this vr glases to your cat. Your cats watching interesting thing on this vr and to much enjoying. cats very happy to enjoying vr technology. Fabulous hunt.

😱 this is wonderful. I never thought of it nor see this for once. You have done a very great job man. Animal like cat can now enjoy VR 😹.


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This is nice and funny. Who is going to give demo to the 🐈 that how to operate it..😊 nice hunt