Bitwala - A German bank account with built in cryptocurrency trading

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A German bank account with built in cryptocurrency trading



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Is it amazing that your local bank is integrated with cryptocurrency? Or they have their own local cryptocurrency trading? There's already a new application that has a bank account and a cryptocurrency trading. And that is Bitwala.

Bitwala is a German bank account and has a built in cryptocurrency trading. Where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies direct from the bank account. Your wallet is secured and the trading is fast. They also have their own ATM Mastercard where you can spend your funds anywhere in store or online or you can withdraw to any ATM machine.



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I have approved it :)

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Bitwala has great services and is one of the biggest crypto banks in Europe. Its well known and has great reputation I can recommend trading with them. Thanks for sharing great Hunt!!!

I m surprise after reading that this bank allow you to trade with crypto currency and its provide all those feature which are given by online exchanges.

Ohh that's sounds great. Amazing one that we can use there ATM on purchases that directly connected with our funds. There are some cryptos that they are providing Card services dto their coins. Nice initiations.


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