Textastic Code Editor 7 - Powerful and fast text editor for iPad, iPhone, and Mac

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Textastic Code Editor 7

Powerful and fast text editor for iPad, iPhone, and Mac



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Hunter's comment

Textastic is an awesome coding text editor for Apple product users. Initially, it was intended for iPad users to make code editing on the go more efficient. Then the iPhone was integrated. Lastly, the developer built a version for Mac. For those who use all of these devices, it is a great tool to have, because textastic uses iCloud to easily share the files among Apple devices.

This text editor is capable of syntax highlighting of more than 80 languages. It makes coding/editing on mobile fast and easy with its well-designed virtual keyboard.

If you are a coder or learning to code and use Apple devices, give Textastic a try and see if it makes your workflow more efficient. Feel free to visit the developer's website for more information.




Hunter: @geekgirl


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Ahh,, is it also good just for markdown text writing? I am looking for a good solution to prewrite Steem text on the go with an ordinary iPhone, may connected on the desk with a bluetooth keyboard.

icloud sync sounds good. If you can recommend it, I will have a deeper look into it. :)


It would definitely help with touch typing symbols faster with its unique touchscreen keyboard. It recognized html syntax and provides templates.

With markdown, the issue I see is viewing. You won't be able to view the result of the markdown. For only markdown purposes, this app would be a bit pricey. I think there are better alternatives for that.


thanks for your insight. Without having a preview it is not that easy to write. On a desktop I have opened grammarly as main text writer and copy and pasting the result into steemit or busy to see how it looks like. Hmm.. will have to look deeper for a solution on the go. Thanks GG~!


I may need to hunt for the best markdown editor app next then. Thanks.


That would be something~ :)

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I don’t give compliments often, but I have to say, you are a pretty decent hunter Geek


Thank you @rawdawg. I was going to take a break from hunting. Now I have to keep hunting after these compliments. :)

Great hunt @geekgirl, this text editor is certainly a must to get and it provides a lot of efficiency to the workflow. Not so frustrated and surely help with getting work done quicker for me.


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