Sound Particles 2.0 - The Ultimate 3D Audio Software

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Sound Particles 2.0

The Ultimate 3D Audio Software



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Sound Particles uses the concept of computer graphics, but for audio: each particle represents a 3D sound source (instead of a 3D object) and a virtual microphone captures the virtual sound of the particles (instead of the virtual CGI camera).

Sound Particles is powerful software for designing sound. Description above articulates well regarding what sets them apart from other professional 3D audio software. Using their methodology of 3D audio world creation from dozens or hundreds of audio sources, then randomly recreating sound particles using virtual microphone leads to designing complex and immersive sound.

This software is a perfect fit for designing sound for videogames, movies, animations, and virtual reality applications. It is a perfect tool for both students and professionals.

For VR projects they also offer an Android app that connects to the main software on PC and lets users test on mobile devices.


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This is an amazing product. Sound particle?, all of the time, I have been hearing and reading about 3D images but not for sound. This is a well searched out hunt. Well done @geekgirl

You have presented a beautiful and very interesting software to us. Of course, this 3D audio software is very nice and certainly people will enjoy many fun using it. We all love to listen to music and if we can hear that music with 3D system and 3D graphic I can see if you like so much thank you so much a software mango Among others to present

Good software for audio music..thank you for shere dear @geekgirl...?♥


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