Rumie Tablet - A library for the cost of a book

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Rumie Tablet

A library for the cost of a book



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Hunter's comment

This is going to be one of my favorite hunts. If you have been following my hunt posts you might have noticed my focus has been on early education and technology products. Most often my interest was on technology in education. That is because I believe education and technology can empower new generations to build a better world for all of humanity.

We live in interesting times when there is an abundance of educational resources thanks to advancements in technology while access for hundreds of millions of kids in proper education is limited and not affordable.

Rumie Initiative, a non-profit organization brought forward Rumie Tablets and has on a mission to provide education to at least one billion people around the world.

Rumie Tablet has K12 curriculum content and can be used offline. It also has LearnCloud materials available to use online.

This hunt is not only one would like to get, but maybe also give. Visit their website, maybe you would want to donate and give a tablet.



Hunter: @geekgirl

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  • Rumie is a non profit.
  • Great educational tool.
  • This tablet is just part of a plan to bring education to one billion people.


  • None.



Nice to know you have been hunting edu and tech . Again you have hunts much hlful tool as for du is concerned . it is worth trying .


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Wow something useful for the new age days. Its really useful for developing countries.

Hello, this is a great hunting, good search and more for lovers of books and those who like to read and be informed of everything. In the same way your search is very good since it has curricular content K12 and can be used without connection which makes it great.

Useful as only this hunt can be. Few things in life are more important than reading to cultivate the mind. Having dozens of books at your fingertips is wonderful!

Thanks for share this hunt!


  • unique and great
  • the application is very educational
  • the best and easiest library
  • none

Being a lover of books myself, which has now resulted in me doing my writer as well, I understand the value of this.

Interesting tablet i really love reading books hoping this suits my kind of persons very well,thanks for hunt

@geekgirl, fantastic hunt this one is. This digital library is great for many who are not able to pay for this kind of content and yet have the opportunity to learn easily using this Rumie Tablet. And yes, can donate to them as this increases valuable learning for many countries. Cool hunt.


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