NoRILLA - An educational system bridging physical and virtual worlds

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An educational system bridging physical and virtual worlds



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NoRILLA is a mixed-reality educational system that is designed to combine physical and virtual worlds to improve children's STEM learning in an interactive, fun and collaborative way. A research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University with over 200 children showed impressive results, where learning was improved 5 times compared to similar systems/tools.

This is a great tool for teaching STEM in early education. Cocepts suchs as physics, geometry, logic, volume, ratio, symmetry can be taught in more enjoyable and effective manner. While this system is ints early stages and development continues, there is a great potential to utilize in wide range of disciplines like math, science, etc in a class-room like environments. So far some NoRILLA is in use in some retail space areas, Montour school distric, and children's museum of Pittsburg. I can see more adoption for this system by malls, schools, and children/family focused businesses.



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There are a lot of Information out there and the younger generation would even have access to a far greater amount of Information.

The most Important thing is to know which one to focus on.

Some of the things we are even being taught in schools now are no longer relevant or are at the brink of phasing out.

So with technology like Norilla we can ensure that the basics are grasped.

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I am a huge fan when it comes to online, virtual education since it's such an effective tool, and at the same time easily accessible to many people. But, I also think that it's important for kids to experience the social aspect of school sometimes so, this does seem like an epic option that has both.

But, sadly, the education system is pretty slow when it comes to adopting new technologies so, this will probably not be available in public schools anytime soon.

Keep on hunting.

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@geekgirl Everything that has to do with the teachings fascinates me, I have a granddaughter of three years and I am surprised how she handles technology, they are kids from the computer age.
Thank you very much for letting us know this excellent tool without doubt you will have a lot of acceptance
I wish you a happy hunt


Thank you @jlufer. Yes, I also find technology in education products fascinating.

They have done research with more than 200 children in schools and in museums, and it has been seen that this system has increased the learning to children by five times. A perfect ending. It's also nice to have a patent-pending hybrid-reality education system that connects physical and virtual worlds together. Thank you.

Hello @geekgirl, It's always a very tough and hard thing to nurture the kids in a very effective and functional way. Lot of energy and planning is required to growth the little brains in an intellectual way. Technological revolution has made the job easy for the teachers and off course for the parents. Under these stances NoRILLA seems an outstanding initiative. Here i am sharing my opinion about NoRILLA.


  • Specially designed to nurture the kids to learn the basics of technology in an educational way
  • Provides a fully and complete guideline to parents and teachers as well
  • It ensures and improves the learning up to 200%
  • No boring methods are needed any more to cram the things
  • Less effort and more out put in the from of result


  • It should cover all the subjects so that education become a hobby for the teachers and students

Such an amazing idea to bridge the physical and virtual worlds in a very academic way. Superb hunt and i am pretty sure it's gonna rock the world soon :)

Now that is a really amazing way on how can a teacher pique the interest of the students so they would be willing to be taught.

Internet has definitely changed our way of life. Social media and apps have taken it to the next level. Using the latest tech for educational purposes is great step. Bridging the virtual and physical worlds in the educational arena is commendable. I personally liked the idea and wish the people behind this idea all the best. Let's hope it goes all well and adopted by a wider audience. Great hunt @geekgirl.



Thank you @ugetfunded.

Nice hunt!!
Definitely good education tool for my kid!


Thank you

This is an awesome tool.
One of the best way to teach kids is making the teaching a fun type.

I happen to have taught children for more than 2 years and I can say without doubt this tool looks very helpful.


Thank you


You are welcome


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Nice norilla

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I know, right?