Junkbot - DIY robotic kit and a platform for building working robots

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DIY robotic kit and a platform for building working robots



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Junkbot is a DIY robotic kit that enables young and old to create and build working robots from almost anything. It transforms house hold objects such as plastic bottles and old CDs, wooden spoons or cardboard in to unique, imaginative robots that can be programmed for a variety of functions – and at different levels of skill.

While Junkbot is an awesome robotics kit to encourage kids builds new things using their creativity and imagination, it is also a platform with resources to help this creative process. Kids not only can share their projects but also get expert help for their projects. Junkbot components are also available as open-source.

There are two kind of kits offered on their website:

  1. Junkbot Edu Kit for $135.63
  2. Junkbot Superbots for $81.27

Feel free to visit their website and explore what they have to offer for the next generation inventors.




Hunter: @geekgirl


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Awesome hunt that enables kids to learn how to assemble robots since a young age. Cheers Geek!

Great Hunt!


Love the fact its open source and it traching already kids the power of open source porjects. All in all this really seems like a cool robot kit with a ton of possibilities. Also I personally think the pricing is really fair for what you get!

Keep on the good work!

Very good concept,it's important for kids (and not only) to learn to program and have some notions about robotics. Great hunt @geekgirl

This is awesome, get kids involved with technology other than computer games and tablets and their creative minds will invent things in the future that we could never dream of.

Am not too into Robot and all that, but this is one stuff i will recommend and at a time, show to my kid brother. he loves anything programming and robotic stuff. The price is cool for such powerful Project.


  • Robotic education-it invent, learn and play
  • re-use old materials to build your Bot
  • open source programmable
  • not really much negative... this product is medium price range and looks very promising if your kidz want to learn coding and Robotics.

An incredible facility for the creation of robots with any material. Low price and with two purchase options that suit what the buyer wants.

Most lovable Junkbot

Very robotic Hunt! This is a very helpful product for children to make the robot with different house hold thing in their young age using creativity and imagination of their own. Thank you for sharing this product!

Awesome hunt! best of luck

It is a good gift or project for children so that they can hone their imagination in what can they do with the robot kit whether as a toy or a working useful tool @geekgirl

How awesome is that to turn every day houshold items / junk into robots ! I can just imagine what the future generation will be able to build on their own, this is just the beginning my friends! I love it , great find @geekgirl ! 💁👍✌💕

It seems to be great kit for kids to learn to build robotics, Junkybot will also help them to improve their creativity. Perfect hunt.

135.63 $ and 81.27 $ are affordable prices for this wonderful robotic kit. I am sure it will be kid' favorite toy. Perfect hunt.

A robotic kit to get kids to unleash their creative tendencies. I dont have much to say but this is an excellent product.

This looks like a fun robotics kit. I'm sure both kids and adults will enjoy learning about robotics and building their robots together. And because it's meant to work with all sorts of building materials, I'm sure looking for robot parts to use with the kit will be half the fun. Nice find!

You can get your kids started early in building robots. It's educational, fun and boost creativity. Great hunt!

•It encourages kids creativity
•It's a way of educating kids


this is exactly what a crafter like me needs!

Awesome product.
This product uses unused things and it also enhances creativity.

Great hunt sharing & keep it up

ow, very good news for childern. but could you advice me which one is best, Junkbot Edu Kit for or Junkbot Superbots????


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This is an amazing idea to utilize all those things that are of no use generally, one can use them to make the robots. It surely is a best way to teach the kids how engineering works. Both of the above mentioned kits seems quite affordable.

Superb Hunt indeed :)