Einstein LabMate - Turn any tablet or computer into a wireless science lab

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Einstein LabMate

Turn any tablet or computer into a wireless science lab



Hunter's comment

Einstein World is a platform with tools and resources focused on K-12 STEM education. The LabMate is a tool that can easily connect to any table or laptop and used for science projects. This device can pair with bluetooth or a usb cable.

Einstien World provides video tutorials on how to use the device. Feel free to visit their website for more information. They have a long list of faq that you may find useful, in determining if this would be something you are interested in.

While this can be used for individual or tutoring purposes, it is a mainly designed for use in schools.




Hunter: @geekgirl


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Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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This seems like a great platform for kids. I think a lot of the STEM field subjects are benefiting from companies attempting to make it more interesting to learn. Sometimes these subjects can be a little boring for kids, but with innovative ways to learn, its great to keep kids interested in this field

I have worked as a chemistry teacher for three years, theoretical knowledge seems easy to convey as compared to various lab experiments. Einstein LabMate looks an ideal tool to make smart lab anywhere to convey the knowledge in an effective way. Such an awesome and highly appreciable idea indeed.

Superb Hunt indeed :)

Superb hunt, @geekgirl. No doubt, this is an excellent educational tool and quite easy to work with as well.

I actually amazed about such a possibility of using Electronic devices. I felt different looking at my laptop now lol. Thank you for sharing the link

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turning the pc or laptop into a science lab with this small device to study some interesting facts is a good idea. It will be very useful in classes as you mentioned in your hunt. good educational hunt.