EcoSystemOne - Gamified tutoring, mentoring and training in VR

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Gamified tutoring, mentoring and training in VR



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The abundance of educational content online and how we create, share and consume educational content is amazing these days partly due to the impact of technology on education. Many of us can go to platforms like Youtube to learn about something or at least get the introduction to the topic we are seeking to learn more about. EcoSystemOne is a new platform that focuses on bringing educational content in VR form. You can think of it as YouTube for Virtual Reality educational content.

With the combination of VR/AR technologies and the power of storytelling, EcoSystemOne is trying to make the learning experience more effective and fun. It aims to empower educators, tutors to be able to create and share their educational content in VR with ease. Currently, their focus is on language learning and communications skills. However, they will be expanding the content categories as they grow.

Visit their website, see if you like what they offer and if you may find EcoSystemOne useful.


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i hope this is great with VR and gamification and make learning easier and engaging.

and i say hope because i realized how gamification is a very loosely used word. we had to complete a gamified educational course at work yesterday and there was nothing engaging or interesting about it. just cartoons talking to each other and forcing me to listen.

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prepare the real world engagement from virtual world, this will have higher success probability.

Virtual and Augmented reality really ease the way of learning. It made things entertaining due to visualization. EcoSystemOne seems to be an amazing platform to make learning more interactive and easier. Nice hunt @geekgirl

VR is evolving and I see cool hunts related to it almost everyday here. This one is cool find and I liked its focus to make learning more effective..

VR technology is changing our way of getting training and learning and becoming a clear, sound and healthy. Virtual reality is something revolutionizing.

This is looking really helpful and promising for many.hope this will work alot for the betterment of a complete project this will become so nice and helping tool.


  • Virtual reality .
  • interactive way to learn.
  • easy to use.
  • Enhancing learning experience.


  • non.

This is really impressive.
Now anyone can really learn anything from wherever they are in the world with the help of VR.

This is really a great educational website i will definitely try it out and see how things work out to be.

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Sound cool. Training in VR is really very helpful to support VR content and develop more interest in peoples in virtual reality. Lovers of VR can surely check it out and get a good solution.

Awesome One!
It seems awesome to have such platforms dedicated to the VR contents and it really helps student to understand concepts easily.
Thank You and Have a Good dAy!

As an educator this looks really interesting, I will check it out!

Thank you @revisesociology!

Thats so cool. It sounds immersive, which would be great for learning. I wish they had virtual reality teaching methods when I was a kid. Very cool find!

Thanks @leaky20. Always great to see your comments. VR is awesome, especially on stand alone devices like oculus quest. Once they improve pixel resolutions to this technology will be used on daily basis, I think.

EcoSystemOne is a new platform that focuses on bringing educational content in VR form. You can think of it as YouTube for Virtual Reality educational. Thanks share hunt. some gift a flower.

It covers a large number of teaching fields.
Each individual can also manage and contribute to the class.
In the gallery, I see how you can interact in decision making and contribute ideas to your projects.
Just great!

Helpful and interesting find. Vr technology going very fast day by day. Learning with vr technolohy. It is very helpful for our kids learning. Kids really like to learn education with vr technology. Fabulous hunt.

A combination of gamification, VR & learning: this is the first mix that I have seen. The Intuitive lesson setup feature is worth exploring. Is EcoSystemOne the future of teaching & learning?
Interesting Hunt. @GeekGirl

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