Dixper - Play your games from anywhere with anyone

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Play your games from anywhere with anyone



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If you are a gamer you will absolutely love Dixper. If you are a gaming streaking you will love it more. At leat, I hope you will.

What Dixper trying to accomplish is to unlock the ability for gamers to play from anywhere using their own computer. Yes, you still need your super gaming computer. Dixper will let you play your game from any other devices from remote locations using a browser. Gamers can invite their frieds to share their computer remotely and play games together.

For streamers Dixper is awesome, because it will let them stream from anywhere. Most importantly, it will give streamers an ability to invite their viewers and play the games with them.

I think this a great tool for gamers and gaming streamers to have. Please their website to learn more about Dixper. Keep in mind they are still in beta stage.




Hunter: @geekgirl


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great features and benefits of this product are:

  • open the ability of gamers to play from anywhere using their own computer.
  • Dixper will issue you playing your game from any other device from a remote location using the browser.
  • Gamers can invite them to share computers remotely and play games together.

I think it will too. This is great for gamers and streamers as it provides a more efficient way of connecting with friends and viewers.

I've bookmarked this, it sounds like a great idea, I'm going to try it now but I don't think I could use it properly until I have a good PC. Thank you for sharing!

This look like one solution for MacBook user who loves gaming!! I'm still waiting for the MacOS client release thou, currently is only available for Windows


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Yea, this looks pretty cool :)