Baby Moon Smart Care - A bio-monitoring baby carrier enabling smarter parenting

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Baby Moon Smart Care

A bio-monitoring baby carrier enabling smarter parenting



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Baby Moon, a startup from Moldova has developed a product that enables parents to monitor children's vitals and development with ease. Baby Moon Smart Care comprises of a baby carrier, mobile app, and back-end software.

This ergonomic bio-monitoring baby carrier is woven with eTextile sensors that enables it to collect and send data on child's vitals to a mobile phone. Using the mobile app, parents can keep the records the child's development. Back-end software is capable of recognizing patterns, analyzing data and making report based on all data collected. Parents can then use these reports to share with child's health care provider.

Baby Moon Smart Care is available for pre-orders on their website. Feel free to visit their website to learn more about the product.



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Hey, @geekgirlyou found smart and cool product which will help parents to monitor babies overall great hunt

All babies deserve the best products for them. Baby Moon Smart Care is a great one for them. Perfect hunt.

This is amazing we can pickup the baby easy with this and their design look awesome and great hunt

It will help a lot of baby's health great work

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