Dodow - Sleep Aid Device - Revolutionizes the way you sleep!

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Dodow - Sleep Aid Device

Revolutionizes the way you sleep!



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Hunter's comment

Impossible to fall asleep? Turn on your Dodow

Breathe in When the halo grows
Breath out When the halo shrinks

Dodow Guides You From 11 to 6 Breaths Per Minutes

Touch sensitive surface

Beautiful and Portable

Dodow is not the permanent solution of your sleeping problem but Dodow can restore your ability to fall asleep naturally. in few months you wound need Dodow for fall asleep faster.

The blue color is also the symbol of relaxing. With a soft blue shade of cyan, you will feel the mind relaxing sensation



Hunter: @gamingnews24

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Great Hunt. Thank you for introducing a good product. I have upvoted your post as a reward for your efforts. I will wait your next hunt.


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Having never really had a problem with sleeping, can I offer one suggestion for those that do.
Close your eyes.

I fail to see the why watching the ceiling will aid quicker sleep.

Plus I'm a side sleeper. Doh!

Great job well done...
At times we are been over stressed and we found it difficult to sleep.

There is no after effects..

keep up with your great hunt..

Great hunt @gamingnews24,

This device will be pretty useful for people that are suffering from insomnia. Technology is really changing our lives positively, making the impossible, possible.

Sleeping aid is cool especially for those who find it hard to fall asleep easily. This will be very helpful. Thanks for the great hunt!

there comes a time when you feel like taking a cool rest and found out that the rest arent coming as expected. This device can really help you on getting you a very much improved sleep. Will be placing an order for this lovely device

I have been looking for gadget that will improve my sleeping time not until i come across this device. I am really happy seeing this, will give a try

Awesome hunt @gamingnews24

This is my opinion about your hunt


  • Products that can provide sleeping ability
  • Beautiful portable design
  • There is blue for relaxation
  • Can make us sleep faster
  • And can guide you to breathe

Sophisticated products :)


  • None for this hunt

I'll give you a GIF for your hunt

Sleeping made easy. How soothing is it to find out you can lay on your bed if you have difficulty sleeping as soon as you hit your bed.
The device helps you sleep with ease.
I'm surely getting one.

Great hunt!

There is nothing like having a beautiful night sleep after a very long day and with Dodow this can be achieved
What more can someone ask for if he/she has a devices that puts him/her to sleep

nice hunt @gamingnews24


  • Help sleep
  • Not noisy
  • nice design, pro and look quite attractive
  • A bit expensive

Hi~ @gamingnews24 ,
Everyone will want to sleep well. I think it will help ~ Thank you.

Sleep is the forced vacation that determines our brain.
A bad dream is a consequence of the condition and the perception of life in which the lives you..
If you do not sleep at night, you will not be normal tomorrow.
Every device that allows you a "natural, normal sleep" is for your praise (whether it's placebo or really).
My hunting rating is 11 out of 10, only the one who does not sleep knows what a "good dream" is!

Great hunt here @gamingnews24 as I have difficult falling asleep even though I am very tired at times. This is something that looks like it will change my sleeping habits positively. Thanks.


This is the best device that anyone can get if they want to have a great sleep as we all know that a great sleep is very good for our health...

The device comes with features that teaches you how to use it to achieve great results and that means the user do not need to stress their brain before they could make use of the gadget

People suffering from insomnia will benefit alot from this lovely gadget

The price of the gadget is fair and can be easily acquired whether the person is rich or poor..


I cannot find any

Pros and Cons
-Improve sleep cycles and assist faster sleep time
-Good those who have sleeping problem

-The effect maybe due to placebo effect


  • It actually works amazing. I bought it for my mother and she has got used to it so easily that she gets easy sleep now
  • Also, I have tried it a couple of times and it induces sleep with the soothing breathing process
  • I can carry it anywhere and can also gift it


  • no cons found

It provides a pleasant sleep. Dodow is also a product that can be preferred by those who have sleep problems.

Great Hunt. Good luck.

@gamingnews24 you are the man menh!!
This is just want I need. 😂
I hope to try I and come drop my review soon. It's just to great how technology is helping lifestyle.

Great hunt my friend.Very helpful to get a good night sleep after a gruesome day at work.

one thing i dont play with is my sleep and this dodow has been able to improved my seeping time. Such a lovely gadget

A lot of people cannot sleep very well at night. They suffer problems of hard to fall asleep. With this tool, it can help them to fall asleep easier to alleviate their pain.



Sleep is one important part of us that if it fails to happen it might seem to have effect on us. But most times it doesnt come naturally but i believe in such times dodow comes in!!
Nice product, light and not complicated to use..
With its blue colour that makes you have the nicest dreams

Nice [email protected]

It’s a great work you did. I will like to check this out. Good hunter

It is very hard for me to sleep at night. I hope this device can help me solve this problem. The concept of this device is very cool and innovative. I want to buy it to try it out.


This device is provided blue light onto ceiling which is comfortable for any person.

I think this device is helpful for insomniacs. Cool hunt :)

Waooo! This is a very great hunt.
A sleeping Aid , that you don't need to be worried of getting asleep.

  • This sleeping aid helps you get asleep between 2-5 minutes.

That's what I need! Thank you for this hunt. I'll check it out.

I haven’t gotten one of this product, but I know it’s a cool one. Thanks for bringing it up here

I love this one, it's just perfect for those who had problems to fall sleep like me. This device is perfect to find the right way to relax and fall asleep.

And the fact that the price is low makes more affordable.

Great hunt keep doing it.

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