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Hunter's comment

Hi Hunters!
I'm here again with another mind-blowing hunt. This time around I will be diving into social hunt , not movie hunt as I normally did.
So let's talk about Sagoon!

  • Sagoon is a free social commerce application that helps you to Connect. Share. Earn. And it's available on the Google playstore for download.
  • With Sagoon, you can post your story on a daily basis thereby allowing your contact, friends, and family to like, share, and comment on such post. You are allowed to use 220 characters. Sounds cool right?
  • The most interesting part of this app is the ability to track your shared post to monitor the numbers and names of locations your shared story has travelled to around the world.
  • Lastly, every user is left with a unique user i.d which in turn will reduce completely the level of hacking and stealing one's account.

so this is what I have for you guys today. See you around tomorrow with another great hunt.


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Hunter: @gaboski

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