Pleo - Learn language while watching your favorite movie

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Learn language while watching your favorite movie



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Hunter's comment

You will not get bored while learning a language. You can learn any language (French, Icelandic, Dutch, Turkish, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, Danish, Russian, German, Chinese, Italian, Mongolian, English) while watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite song.

Download the video (movie, song, ...) and subtitles files; one for your own language and the other for the learning language (video's language).
the process of learning using PLEO is divided into three steps:
1- Watch the video with your language subtitle to understand the conversation
2 - Watch the video with the subtitle of the language you want to learn, to understand the vocabulary, and focus on pronunciation.
3 - Watch the video without subtitles, and try to repeat conversation in high voice, that help you to speak fluently and to memorize more vocabulary.


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