Excalibur - Webapp for extracting tabular content from PDF documents

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Webapp for extracting tabular content from PDF documents



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Great web tool to extract the tabular content of any PDF document in a clean and elegant, is open source project uploaded to Github written in Python language.

This web interface is very useful for all of us who must rescue that information written within tables in documents in a way that preserves its structure within it without ruining its presentation.




Hunter: @funnyday


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I have approved it :)

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Thanks very much!! :)

Pdf file is made up of pixels and we cannot copied text from pdf, this is first time i saw an application which can extract some data from pdf. Great hunt

Thank you very much for your comment, that's right :D, is impressive what is created with new developments in the code, at this rate will not take long to extract text from images :)

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