Free Space® 51 - Stereo speakers for outdoor

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Free Space® 51

Stereo speakers for outdoor



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Hunter's comment

Fill your outdoor area with stunning audio with the Bose Free Space 51 outdoor stereo speakers. Ideal for the garden, terrace or patio, these speakers bring music to any outdoor space where wall mounting is not possible.

the speakers offer 360-degree sound coverage. Designed to withstand the elements, weather-resistant speakers can withstand rain, sun, snow, ice and even salt water spray.



Hunter: @francisco2351

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A cool looking speaker, but my first impression when I saw it for the first time : this speaker looks like a mine that can blow when someone step on it :D


  • unique and cool speakers

  • very suitable for outdoor area

  • weatherproof speakers can withstand rain, sun, snow, ice and even salt water sprays.


  • none

Here is another bad ass speaker ... With the resistance to weather adversities it makes unique and cool for usage I will love to get one of this soon

Great hunt you made there!!


  • Available in open areas
  • It has a durable structure for rain and snow
  • A powerful and unique loudspeaker


  • None

Amazing your friend hunting congratulations, here my opinion:


  • It is a fairly complete sound system.

  • Its design is very well thought to acclimate the spaces.

  • The sound quality is excellent to be comfortable in your backyard.

  • Also the security when leaving them outdoors is very efficient.


  • Can only be used outside the home.

Not sure if cool or not.

I think I like them but luckily I don’t have a garden so I don’t need to see them.

Personally, I’m afraid these speakers are just created to have an additional product rather than to actually have much function. Although I guess they could replace PA systems in public gardens and museums with outdoor areas.

Very good speaker for people who like to be outdoors, the mountain, the beach, etc. It has a clear sound and the best thing that is compatible with water and land is still good hunting

I love these devices !!!


  • Easy to use
  • Useful for a party or any space where music is required
  • Comfortable design to take wherever we want
  • A great sound for open spaces
  • The best resistant to situations of nature


  • None for this product

Excellent Hunt, congratulations!

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