Bloomlife - device that monitors contractions

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device that monitors contractions



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The Bloomlife, is a device that monitors contractions, without wires and hands free; It is very useful to attend to premature births and to be aware of each symptom.

The Bloomlife is very comfortable and easy to use, just attach the sensor to the patch and stick it on your belly, it has automatic tracking, it will make a video of everything that happens inside with your baby and you can see it from your mobile.

Bloomlife must be returned to the company, when the baby is born, it is a service that is provided during pregnancy.



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Brilliant hunt! So useful and practical.

Good to see apps that can monitor the pregnancy stage, and keep control of the baby's contractions. Clever Hunt.

Oh my god, I would get pregnant just to buy one of these .... I love it ... it's an extraordinary hunting

This will be useful to first time mom's. During labor before delivery, the anxiety and all gamut of emotions make new moms panic and they don't know what to do. With this device at least they will know their pace and when to push to go along with the baby's movement and the contractions. I just hope this does not affect the baby in anyway, being something electronic or something like that.

WOW, great service that Bloomlife provides to control the contractions and keep you informed of everything that happens with the baby in the belly through a video on your smart phone is something amazing, GRAN HUNT

An excellent device to control our pregnancy especially the painful contractions. See what happens with the baby inside. It's great. Good hunting

If I had seen this device when my wife was pregnant, I would definitely take this product. We lived together with the excitement of children. It would be very nice. The best part is that you are returned to the company when you are done. Cool hunt.

I love this device, when we are going to be parents we want to be aware of everything about our children and that better than this small but useful device to be aware of everything, it's great to have it. Thank you for sharing.

A medical hunt. A product that is very easy to use. The most beautiful feature is a device that tracks without contractions, tellers and hands. A device that can automatically watch and present you as a video. It's a great product for pregnant women.

I am sorry that there wasn't Bloomlife, when my wife was pregnant. Great hunt for the pregnant women.

This is pretty cool and I like that it's available on a rental basis (so the device doesn't sit around collecting dust when you're not pregnant or too early for contractions).

This sounds so amazing no doubt technology has really improved. i really like the fact that it takes the guessing out of way when mommies are ready to give birth. It's easy and safe to use & defiantly help pregnant womens alot. I think all new expectant moms should have this. Great Hunt.

This is extremely useful when it comes to pregnancy. Seeing all that happens in the tummy from the mobile? That's new and equally great

It would be great to screen what is happening inside during pregnancy. What a great hunt.

there is nothing more beautiful than having a child and when we are in the time of pregnancy we want to have our little one in our arms, with the gadgets bloomlife you will be able to monitor your movements from the beginning of your life

Great hunt
The Bloomlife, is a solution for pregnant women to monitor contractions using the device, without wires and hands free; It is very useful to attend a premature birth and be aware of any symptoms during pregnancy.

great device for pregnant mom. perhaps it can also keep mother safe when contraction happen


  • great and smart tool

  • very helpful

  • connected to a cellphone


  • none

This is an excellent bloomlife device and very useful during pregnancy. It's the best one to use for women. Superb hunting.


  • Control of constraints.
  • 100% safe: does not send energy to the body.
  • It is small, light and comfortable.
  • Adheres to your belly, without straps or belts.


  • Any

I think this is very necessary because most times we get too careless and we forget to monitor what is going on in our muscles

It gives a peace of mind during Braxton Hicks and its reassuring that theres no need to panic

Wow! This is really great device that helps future parents get the information they need without having to go to the clinic.

Its a fabulous service to make life easy, secure and upto date. Mothers can be better aware through this device about their pregnancy related issues and can monitor their baby dy yo day growth.
Bloomlife is an awesome service which truly deserve recognition and praise.
Great Hunt.

Bloomlife is an amazing gadget which is not only helpful in monitoring mom health but it helps to monitor baby health in the womb. Amazing gadget is wise free and easy to use. Great hunt

Such an incredible product for any expecting mom whether it's your 1st child or you've already had a child before. Every pregnancy is different and this is such a peace of mind

This is an excellent bloomlife device and very useful during pregnancy. It's the best one to use for women. Superb hunting.

What a wonderful product for pregnants. It would be great to see what happens inside. I don't need Bloomlife right now, but I will need it in the future. Great hunt.

Beautiful hunt

Products like this one are on the rise and this is good thing. This product is the next level to track contractions. Would be very helpful. Great hunt!


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