LugLoc - Baggage tracking device

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Baggage tracking device



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LugLoc, is a tracker for travelers with GPS, so you do not lose your luggage, it is a high-tech device that is controlled through an application to your smartphone, to be always informed where your luggage is.

This tracker puts it inside your luggage and connects the application, later you will have access to a map that will automatically follow your belongings.

In addition, through Bluetooth, you will be notified if your luggage is diverted or has a mishap, including knowing when it is on the rotating machine to remove it.



Hunter: @francisco2351

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Excellent product @francisco2351. This would reduce the likelihood of losing your suitcase .. Congratulations on your hunt!

Very useful, for frequent flyers, apparently that is why its already out of stock. With the price of only 70 $, its worth to keep inside the baggage not to loose them. They also advertised about their new product GEGO , which can be used to track everything, however, the link given does not work. I think, that would be more lucrative, if it will have competitive pricing.

@francisco2351 this lugloc is so cool. Now you can even track your luggage once you check in and know where it had gone. This is great for frequent travelers like m.e Cool hunt.

This is a life-saver. I'm not a frequent flyer but I understand the anxiety when you can't see your stuff in a huge line of luggages in the airports. And it's not a myth that luggages get lost or stolen in airports so this is useful.

You know, there is a lot of problems while traveling in our country, baggage or bag. Because it is hard to find later. By this LugLoc device it will be very helpful us.

Awesome hunt

I would love to grab it as i am frequent flyer and luggage is always bothering me at the departure .i think it will also help me collecting my luggage easily and faster because i will get to know when and where my luggage is arriving.

It is great a luggage tracker, very good option to avoid losing, we check our luggage without permission, while we travel. Very good. Congratulations

Wow this is a more safer way to secure our luggage. Am really going to need this device and I love it’s features and capabilities

In airports it is normal to lose sight of our suitcase, or to go to another destination, but thanks to this product that is a thing of the past, this is a good option for travelers, so we will not have to stress and we can enjoy the trip in peace, great hunting

Great hunt for sure my friend @francisco2351. This is really useful, I am going to buy it one for sure.

Keep hunting great hunts my friend.
Wish you great success my friend.

I'm not much of a traveler but I've been in situations where something like this would have been immensely useful. The product is already sold out and the price seems reasonable too. I'm just a little worried about the things like data breaches as it is a centralized company.

Grat device for travellers alike and jet setters. Luggage Missing from the airline has always been rampant. Its at best to be protective towards our own good. Great also for business associates who carries important document around. Thanks for sharing

Wow this thing is amazing and its like we are going into the future stuff. Most often people loose their luggage and and other stuff when they are going to some where important because the entire attention is on the new world where you are going to in few hours. But at the time people are worried about their stuff but they dont have to be any more this thing is gonna help them secure their luggage.
Amazing hunt!

if you travel a lot and we have lost our luggage because with the lugloc you can monitor your equipment wherever you want to be by the application of gps that the product has

This will come in handy for frequent travelers. No more wondering where your luggage is because you can pinpoint it on the map. I wonder how accurate the map is, though?

My best friend lost her baggage few days ago, and they still can't find it. So if she had baggage tracker, it was going to be easier. Great product! :)

Hello @francisco2351,
Here is my review about the LugLoc


  • It is an amazing idea to minimize the robbery
  • Perfect alternative for the forgetful souls
  • It minimizes the hype and tension creates during the robbery
  • It is basically a GPS tracker and tracks the exact location of luggage
  • It can help the police to minimize the criminal activities
  • It saves the time and energy
  • One can control and see where is the luggage on his/her mobile


  • Did not find any for it

Overall it is an awesome hunt and I highly appreciate the brains behind this idea. Great Job done @francisco2351 :)

Useful product for travelers.

undoubtedly an effective solution for many travelers, who constantly has a headache thinking where their luggage will be, excellent


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