Titan Trash Compactor - Take out the trash less often

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Titan Trash Compactor

Take out the trash less often




Hunter's comment

This garbage can crushes your trash to maximize space without having to touch it
It's called the Titan by Joseph Joseph and it holds up to three times more trash than a trash can of the same size which means fewer runs to take out the garbage.
Get your own titan trash can for ~$200 and watch it do your stinkiest chore for you.




Hunter: @folken


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  • Nice quality and neat design
  • JOSEPHJOSEPH - Women's favorite brands in Korea haha
  • International shipping


  • Expensive for garbage cans (similar products from no brands are less than $100)
  • Comes with only one size (30L)

Also, I checked out the reviews on Amazon, some of them or disappointed with the product...
I hesitated to post it, but I like the global idea.

I like the idea of compacted garbage. I had a electric driven trash compactor when I lived up north. Really worked well for us.

It's a thing we can do to cut down the waste stream. Every little bit helps.

I see you found yourself a "cash cow". 😁
Steemhunt! Hehe. Glad you found your niche