SMALT - Smart Salt Shaker

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Smart Salt Shaker





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This, is a revolution.

SMALT will become your all-day Smart Salt Dispenser. SMALT can play music for you (Bluetooth speaker), take orders like turning on the living-room lights (Alexa is integrated), change color depending on your mood (LED or integrated). It comes with an App to track your salt consumption... oh and it can also provide your meal with a salt.

Every time you use SMALT, it makes a nice crispy sound that emulates the sound of a traditional salt grinder. Obviously, you can control the volume, thanks to the LED monitor on the top of SMALT.

It was featured has the innovation of the week by the Boston Globe. (sic.)

Welcome to the 21st century.

Please note: This is a real product, but the main goal of posting this product is to show how stupid some smart products can be.



Hunter: @folken

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Keep up the hunt!
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Of all the useless waste of time products that are out there, this one is high up there. I can't believe that a) someone thought this was a good idea b) someone encouraged the creator to go ahead and build it and then c) someone was brave enough to actually endorse it and send it to market.


or d) that people actually believe in it and put money on the Indiegogo campaign

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Yeah you are right: please take the next boat and go far away from my profile.

This product is dedicated to the whole moderation team.
@teamhumble @dayleeo @FknMayhem @chronocrypto @UrbanGladiator I'm challenging you to find something more stupid than this one.

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  • Useful for blind people to monitor their salt intake


  • Normal people may just treat it as a toy since the features seems unnecessary for a salt shaker
    -Cost of getting one

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