Revolvar - Helping women feel safer

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Helping women feel safer





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This small device is helping women feel safe.
Revolvar is a wearable device invented by CEO Jacqueline ROS after her sister was attacked as a teenager.
Revolvar is as easy as pressing a button. A contact list in your phone is instantly alerted through an app and sends out your location.
One click lets a loved one know if you're home safe, two clicks sends a yellow alert telling them you sense something is wrong, three clicks sends a red alert to send for emergency responders.
Revolvar's small size makes it unnoticeable but easy to reach on your keys and could end saving your life.



Hunter: @folken

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Great catch!


  • The fact that it looks like a normal key ring might be life-saving.
  • Since it's not a weapon, it minimizes the risk of a situation escalating.
  • Could be used by the elderly as well, in case they fall.
  • Also comes as a necklace, genius!
  • Kids can check in to say they arrived home safely.
  • It also looks like a fitbit type device, which again, a would-be attacker wouldn't think twice about.


  • It might be a non-issue, but I'd be curious to see how clickable it is, I'd hate to butt-dial and concern my contact list.
  • I couldn't find out if there is any visible indicator to tell if it's been clicked or not.
  • It's not available yet.

Pretty cool idea. The small size and click pattern should make it easy and fast.

Nice catch!

So Cool. Great work.

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What an awesome invention @folken. Thanks for all the great content you share. I hope this will explode on the world and keep all women safe.