Leaf Republic - 100% Biodegradable one-way dishes made of leaves

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Leaf Republic

100% Biodegradable one-way dishes made of leaves





Hunter's comment

These eco-friendly plates are made entirely out of leaves! No tree was cut down to make these plates and they will biodegrade in 28 days. They were invented by a German company called 'Leaf Republic'.
These waterproof plates were inspired by the Asian tradition of stitching leaves into plates. They don't have any synthetic additives, coloring, oils, chemicals or glue.
The leaves are sourced from India and are the only leaves that stay green after being pressed.
Those plates help prevent plastic waste and are creating a greener world.




Hunter: @folken


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  • Ending this hunt post with 'a greener world'.
  • Their Safety Team Member.
  • Could also be an incredible company to invest in... imagine the first fast food place to purchase this process...


  • I couldn't see any prices anywhere.
  • What happens if you don't use the plates for 28 days?

This is an incredible process, and I honestly hope this company becomes trillionaires.

Wow. Somebody finally made a disposable plate that I can use? Very very cool.

I have seen the video on BBC facebook page about such products. It is so amazing. Thanks for sharing dude. Thanks for promoting such issues.

amazing! love that idea.