GO ANYWHERE TOILET KIT - The best mobile toilet for camping and travelling!

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The best mobile toilet for camping and travelling!



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Hygiene and personal health should be among the most important things to prepare for a trip. Camping sites and holiday spots lack modern and healthy toilets for human waste disposal. In some locations, its either a pit toilet and one that is unsafe.
GO ANYWHERE TOILET KIT is the ultimate solution for waste disposal on the go. This portable toilet kit folds up like a suitcase and can be deployed in few seconds. You can take it along during your travels to make sure you have almost the some comfort of your home toilet.


  1. Sanitary bag to store the poo.
  2. Safe height like a standard toilet.
  3. Smart design - folds up to a briefcase size.
  4. Portable with a strong base.
  5. Supports user weight- up to 500 Lbs.
  6. Built-in handle for easy transportation.

Never risk your health while on the go. Use this safe and portable device on your travels, Take care of your health first. Check out other features of this amazing kit.




Hunter: @focusnow


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Lovely! A mobile toilet kit that can be used anywhere at anytime. This will be good for camping. The design is simple and unique. I love it


Yes, the design is elegant and very portable. The briefcase shape when folded also makes it very attractive. More important, it protects your health on the go. Thanks for loving it.

Great hunt mate I think toilet is the most important thing in our houses and this would be perfect for my house thanks for sharing


Thanks friend, this kit is suitable for outdoor events, as well as indoor. Thanks.

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Thanks for quickly verifying it. I will keep on hunting.

Mobile toilet can be an ideal product. It is one of the most needed products during the journey. The portable toilet kit folds like a suitcase and can be dispensed within seconds. A great hunt with practical use.


This product is very ideal for safety. During travels, this can be very useful during vacation.

It is a great kit for the people who take care of hygiene. It is very useful for travelling and camping. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for coming around. This is a very useful kit for outdoor camping.

Portable and intelligent mobile toilet that is foldable as a briefcase. It has a strong base and can be carried. A product that can be very useful for travel to your health. Thanks for sharing this interesting hunt.


Thanks. its a very important camping gear to protect our health. Our health is very important to be safeguarded.

@focusnow yes that was the main problem during travel...It's amazing invention. Healthy lifestyle is always have to cary on

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Exactly. Its good for any travel. The safety of our health is very important.


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Thanks once more.k