Fixate Gel Pads - Fix anything anywhere - Organize your stuff easily!

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Fixate Gel Pads

Fix anything anywhere - Organize your stuff easily!



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Hunter's comment

Fixate Gel Pads lets you arrange and organize your stuff especially by sticking them on surfaces. It is suitable for use in your car, home or office. You can use this product to stick keys, wires or other objects to surfaces where they will be easily accessible.

Here are the main Features.

  1. The pads can be used more than once.
  2. They provide strong sticking features, keeping objects in place.
  3. Fixate Gel Pads are thin and soft - they are suitable for holding objects of any shape.
  4. The pads have a large surface area for bigger objects.
  5. The Pad is eco-friendly
  6. It has an elegant design.

Fixate Gel Pads can be the solution you are looking for to get stuff arranged and within reach. The product comes in transparent and black colors so you can make your choice. You can no stick your GPS on your dashboard. Stick your phone and other stuff easily with this great tool. Check it out.



Hunter: @focusnow

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Nice Hunt, Hunter.


  • Innovative product and i like it because it has the ability to even stick phone, camera, water cup and many more.
  • It's actually very easy to clean too just rinsing with water and gently dry it with hands.
  • Very easy to paste and remove objects.


  • Nothing for this hunt, simply a very useful Gel Pads with lots of cool features.

wow, I think this item storage box is amazing, this will make it easier for me to store items that are very important. thank you for your great hunt

An Eco-friendly product is always more then welcome and the fact that you can stick anything, anywhere makes it very, very practical and useful as it can make your life much easy in the same time keeping your stuff tidy and organized...


Exactly. Everything kept in their place - and very accessible.

WOw this thing is so amazing !!!!!
Fixate gel pads is something pretty nice when it comes to arrange things. I loved it.
Amazing hunt!!

A multi-purpose gel pad. It is suitable for use in your car, home or office. We can use it everywhere. A good helper product for surface bonding and editing.

The only disadvantage to me is that you have two color options. Transparent and black color options. We can stabile our phones or other things easily wherever we want. A hunt that provides ease of use. Thanks a lot


Thanks. Apart from the color, the product is super useful. Thanks for checking it.

This product has a nice feature. More than one can be used. The objects hold strongly and the gluing property is very good. The design has an elegant look. Can be used for different purposes. Cool hunt.

Another great hunt! İt is very useful tool to arrange stuffs in everywhere. İt is very innovative product. Thank you!


Great hunt indeed. Thanks for visiting this hunt.

Fixing your stuffs is made easy now. Fix them them the way you would best love them. Thanks for this timely hunt. It is really cool!


Sure. Keeping this within reach and nicely. Thanks for loving it

I like the fact that you can organize your stuffs easily with this one. You never have to hotter about leaving your stuffs anyhow. Thanks for your hunt. Cool!


Exactly, keeping things in place and accessible is necessary for efficiency. Thanks for being here

I had similar product in my car to put my phone on there and it was really succesfull. Of course after using a year it was not so good anymore and I removed it. This one is eco-friendly so there are more size of it. Thanks for sharing


Yes, this one is super amazing and it does not destroy the environment. Thanks for coming around.

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Wow I must say that this is a very useful device wihich aids in making users tidy and organized


Exactly. It can even hold bigger objects in place.

Fixade Gel pads seem to be a useful way to stick the stuff on any surfaces. Great hunt.


Sure it is. For example, inside your car. It can keep stuff from rolling around.

this is unique phone accessories. but how long the stick capability will longlast?


It can last really long and can be reused

I think it's great that it is an eco-friendly product, and yes, the design is very elegant, the one in black I like it.
Good hunt.


It has an elegant design and it is great for all surfaces.

Great HuntFantastic
it does not destroy the environment. Fixing your stuffs is made easy now.Keeping this within reach and nicely.
the quality is also very extraordinary

This Is So Expensive for buy...Great Hunter

Keep Hunting


Its Very Usefull For Storing Small Items


Exactly. This is super useful for fixing stuff.

Great Hunt! It is an awesome product which will help us in trouble to fix everything and can provide strong sticking to fix the object in place. Thanks for your great hunt

Hey @focusnow,this post is amazing people won't loss their keys or anything next time with this pad.I personally like it good work by sharing this with us.


Thanks dear, it jelps keep things in place and very tidy

I could use this, especially in my car. things are always falling off my dashboard. Great find! Thanks


It is great on a car for keepinh keys and stuff in place.

excellent hunt, this is a good option to always have things in sight, or to ensure our gps to the car, can be used several times, to place the keys that are always lost, and also look good, no doubt what I will buy, I love


Exactly. It is useful for keeping things yidy and in place


Exactly. It is useful for keeping things yidy and in place

Most lovable Fixate Gel Pads

Really the fictate gel pad is a great product, it is very easy to use. With the ficet gel pad, it is easy to Sticking and organize the goods.

Awesome hunt! best of luck


Exactly, thanks for liking the product. Its amazing.


  • very useful for storing small items

  • the shape is also very unique which is very useful for users

  • and has a variety of colors that buyers like

  • the quality is also very extraordinary


  • only the price is too expensive for simple users to buy it

Thanks for your view. The price aside, the product is very useful

Hello @focusnow,

Fixate Gel Pads is actually a wonderful idea that fulfills the need of every house. It enables one to organize various objects with surfaces. One can easily use the pads more than one time. Fixate Gel Pads are basically soft an thin and provides freedom to user to hold the objects.

Overall it is an awesome Hunt :)


Thanks friend, this pad is actually a necessity in every home.

Great Post 😆

I like because of its multi feature we can use at home as well as in car i want to put in my car also :)


Yes, the product is great anywhere - car, home, office, just anywhere


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