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Movie & TV Community with a Twist



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Hunter's comment is one of the more popular movie and TV communities, especially loved by those who don’t like the vast masses of IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes.

The platform offers everything you expect from that type of community, but it revolves around another central component: the scrobbler.

A scrobbler is a mechanic which automatically submits what you are viewing. The protocol was first introduced by, then Trakt integrated it for multimedia players. Since it has expanded to even Netflix and can scrobble from most devices and media players (with reach nowadays). can be used for those who just like to “lifestream” and collect their watching (habits). But it can also be of interest to those who like rating and reviewing movies and TV shows. But are too lazy to manually enter each title.

No, you won’t get my Trakt profile link to connect on, as I am not willing to publicly admit how much Archer I watch.
Get over it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Just donwloaded the app; Still need to get an account though; and I will, tomorrow. So funny the way they write their title. The 'ed' replaced for the 't' makes it sounds quite my language (Dutch): 'Whatcht for Trakt' Super hunt!

Definitely one of the oldest apps/protocols I have running and always install on any new device.

It belongs up there with Dropbox and, of course, “Holy Sh*t Tools”. Apps which do the work for you in the background, without any interference required.

archer is brilliant, bojack horseman was too.

I miss Archer. Again nothing I would admit publicly and definitely not on blockchain tho.

Bojack Horseman escaped on me. So did few other “millennial” humor series tho, I prefer the dry with over the bitter wit which seems so popular recently.

Bojack, i thought was more tragic than funny. I dont think millennials would get Bojack, it was dark and quite serious.

Apparently, it is their thing. And I’m pretty sure it did very well on Buzzfeed too.

Strange is the world i live in.

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